Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angad decides to aid Seerat with net banking, and Seerat grins at Sahiba before apologizing for the delay. Sahiba reminds him that she had promised Simran to be there by 5 p.m, so Angad suggests she take the car and driver while he follows later. Without wasting more time, Seerat sits beside him and starts learning the basics of net banking. Sahiba takes notice of this but decides not to comment. Eventually, she arrives at Simran’s orphanage, as promised, to find her dancing with several kids. Simran then insists on having a dance with Sahiba too and they start off with Dance Pe Chance Marle.. which is soon joined by Angad after his arrival.

Sahiba gets happy. Simran says they both look like fair princes and princesses. She dances with them, steps on a ladder, and falls. When Sahiba sees Angad holding Simran, he relaxes. He says Sahiba didi was afraid. He says she is. Simran asks if he is the boyfriend of Sahiba Didi. Angad says he is her husband. Simran asks if he is also her friend like Sahiba Didi. Angad says yes, and he befriends her.

Simran and Sahiba are welcomed by the orphanage warden. They learn that Simran’s mother was a single parent who had unfortunately passed away two years prior. Since then, she has been living with her mother’s friend until the latter got married and abandoned her in the orphanage. Looking around, Simran asks Sahiba if she looks like a princess, to which Angad interjects by saying no – she looks like a queen! With permission obtained from the warden to take her out for a while, they set out, but not before being warned to get her to keep quiet as she tends to talk a lot. Angad jokingly adds that nobody can ever speak more than Sahiba, proving otherwise!

When Manveer notices Inder’s phone ringing, he gets suspicious as he recalls that Inder got a call from the same person. He spies on him. Inder picks up the phone and walks out. When he realizes that the person he is looking for is not in Patiala, he orders that the person be found as soon as possible without making any mistakes.

Sahiba took Angad and Simran to a pani puri stall, where Angad asked if she wanted to go somewhere else. She said no, and Simran suggested they compete instead. Sahiba tried to stop Angad but he continued and taunted her. The pani puri vendor suggested the last golgappa would be the prize for the winner, and though Angad had a chance to win, he decided to let Simran have it in order to make her happy. Afterwards, both of them craved some ice cream, so they went out looking for one.

They go to an ice cream shop with Simran getting different flavours for Angad and Sahiba. Sahiba mentions that Angad favours chocolate while he himself says vanilla is his favourite. Then, Simran inquires about Sahiba’s top pick, and Angad answers strawberry. Unsurprisingly, Sahiba corrects him; she loves chocolate. This misunderstanding leads Simran to exclaim that the prince and princess don’t know each other very well. She then comes up with reminiscences of her days in Patiala when she used to attend school with her friends. Sahiba assumes that she must be in 5th standard by now, but Simran reveals that she is actually studying in 3rd standard at the orphanage. On being asked as to what happened, Simran stops recounting the warden’s warning.

She feels shy when Angad comes in front of her, realizing she fell in love with him.


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