Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th May 2023 Written Update


As everyone is waiting for Seerat to visit the gurudwara for her wedding, Ajith asks Santosh to bring Seerat out. Seerat and Keerat are both not at home, Taiji tells Ajith. According to Santosh, Keerat called and said they were together. As the guests will return soon, Taiji asks him to calm down. Ajith suggests they should go out and talk to the guests. Santosh agrees and walks out with him. Sahiba thanks Seerat for visiting Brar mansion and revealing the truth in front of everyone. She says she may face dire consequences if she exposes the truth.

Sahiba asks who she is marrying. Seerat answers Karan. Sahiba asks who she is marrying. Seerat says to face Karan face-to-face this time. Sahiba says she supported truth so nothing bad will happen. Seerat hears horns and leaves. As soon as she sees Garry standing wiping his blood, she tells him that he had once left her and is in the same position today. She is a middle-class girl from Shimlapuri, while he is Garry Baweja. Seerat taunts that his family kicked him out today, so they are the same. She walks away, leaving him fuming.

Angad breaks down remembering Garry and Veer’s betrayal. Sahiba walks to him and asks him to be careful. Angad says he wants to taunt him that his most trusted brother backstabbed him. In response, Sahiba says even her sister had backstabbed him similarly. Angad says even if she cannot prove Garry wrong, now she does not have to leave the house. Sahiba asks him not to punish himself.

As Angad holds Sahiba’s hand and pushes her out of his room, he continues to cry recalling the quality moments spent with Garry and Veer. Manveer walks in, and Angad shouts at her to leave him alone. Manveer comforts him. The guests ask Ajith to take the bride to the gurudwara. Ajith says they should visit the gurudwara and start the wedding rituals until Seerat arrives. Neighbours taunt if Seerat eloped again. Santosh tells them no.

Seerat walks in and says she is here. Ajith asks where she was and where is Keerat. Seerat says she sent Keerat to the Gurudwara to cancel the wedding. Santosh and Ajith are shocked. When everyone rejected her, Seerat told Karan that she cannot ruin her life by marrying him.

Sahiba carries her bags to Akaal’s room and asks if he called her today. Akaal says she broke everyone’s heart today. Sahiba apologizes. Akaal tells her not to apologize as Garry backstabbed them and ruined Seerat’s life. Their biggest fear came true and their family is shattered, etc. Sahiba informs them that she wishes to leave Brar mansion forever. They are shocked and ask if anything went wrong.

In this house, Sahiba says they treated her with the greatest respect, but she can’t stay. She leaves. Angad stops her. Akaal urges Angad to stop Sahiba.


Sahiba asks Angad why he’s accompanying her and why he was acting good in front of his grandparents after insulting her. They reach Ajith’s house. Angad apologizes to both Ajith and Santosh.

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