Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2023, Written Update on

Surekha’s question to Abhinav starts off the episode – whether he can buy a bike for Abhir or take him on any world trip, his answer being a definite no. Manish is quick to chime in that money isn’t everything and love and values are important too; but unfortunately, this won’t matter in court. Muskaan then appears and Akshara watches them sadly as she realises Abhinav is incapable of being like Abhimanyu. Muskaan points out that even though he had nothing initially, Abhinav has created a loving family and gained much richness from them.

Akshara places the keys down and smiles before going. Abhimanyu is in agreement with the idea of meeting an architect to construct Abhir’s room next to his own. He recalls Akshara and Abhinav’s words, that they should wait until the court case decides, but Manjiri firmly states that they will win the case no matter what and that their grandson must live there as if he was not just a guest, but their own son.

When Roohi asks whether Abhimanyu will stay at our house, he sees Roohi and Aarohi. Mathur clears Akshara’s doubt. He says you’re in the right state of mind. Akshara says yes, I get panic and anxiety attacks sometimes, I thought to let you know, I’m ready for psychic evaluation, Birlas might use it against us. She looks at Abhinav and greets morning. He says everyone is scared to talk about mental health, but you’ve already told me about it, don’t worry, we’re going to be prepared.

He said I used to watch you studying every day, totally immersed in your books, while I was lost in you. She said he likes seeing her study. He mentioned how good she still looks even when scolding and that their small house and life had been in Kasauli; he asked when would they go back there. But she replied that although they couldn’t go, Kasauli could come here. Roohi queried why Abhir would stay here and why he had been called over as he had two other homes. Abhimanyu explained that his brother should remain with them. Akshara and Muskaan brought them downstairs and the two acknowledged a hint of Kasauli’s fragrance around the place.

Aarohi scolds Roohi and takes her. Abhimanyu worries. Akshara shows Neela to them. Abhinav hugs Neela. Surekha thinks everyone is staying here. Abhimanyu says this is your house. Manish gives Neela a gift. He says we didn’t know you were coming, otherwise we would have planned a good welcome for you. Dadi asks her to sit down. Suvarna washes Neela’s feet.

Neela is our beloved Samdhan, and has imparted invaluable guidance to Abhir and Muskaan. She will forever be special for us – Neela sheds a tear as Manish directs bahu to welcome her Saas with a song. Neela expresses surprise at Akshara singing, prompting Manish to request that she perform. Akshara complies, picking up the guitar and singing ‘Life Is Beautiful’, which brings a smile to Neela’s face. Everyone applauds her performance. Kairav remarks that despite looking cute, Neela was shooting him dagger-eyes! Muskaan teases him that this time she’ll slap him with her hands too! He retorts back jokingly that he won’t be scared of her, since he still needs to talk to her about the alliance.

Neela exclaims that she has never heard such lovely singing before, mentioning that Abhir’s mum used to sing for his dad. Akshara chimes in, telling them to stop talking. Neela then presents them with items from Himachal Pradesh as a gesture of appreciation. Surekha politely declines the gifts, since they would be unsuitable in their current location. Akshara teases her about this comment. Manish suggests showing Neela around the house while Abhinav lays in her lap, saying how much he wishes she had come sooner when she arrived after Akshara called her. Abhinav then gets a message saying he has received his first booking and has to go; Neela blesses him as he leaves.

Searching for his key, Akshara points out its whereabouts. Abhinav admires the charm of the keyring, commenting it’s the best he’s ever seen. She wishes him luck and soon after, he drives off to Birla house. It is there when Nishta arrives and apologizes for not having any cash; her phone had died. As she removes her veil, Abhinav recognizes her and refuses to take money from her. He then notices the key ring which reminds him to keep going strong. Abhimanyu approaches him at that moment.

He gives the money. Abhinav asks him to give one rupee shagun for his son. Abhimanyu asks him to take it. Abhinav says he’ll respect it. Until your wish to make my son away from me does not get fulfilled, Abhimanyu says he will pray you become a big man. He says he knows basic calculations, so don’t keep the ordinary and don’t leave the precious. He gives back the money and keeps the coin.


Aarohi says Roohi doesn’t like you spending time with her poppy. Abhir says I need to go home right away, please drop me home. Abhimanyu worries.


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