Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode commences as Abhi returns to his residence. Akshu inquires about his presence, to which he responds that he wishes to bring his son home, provided they both agree. Abhir rushes in, spotting Abhi, and excitedly exclaims, “Hey, it’s the doc!” However, Akshu intervenes, instructing Abhir to accompany his “doc man” back home. She adds that since he likes it, he should change and be ready to leave shortly. Abhi apologizes for the lawyer discussing their financial position before humbly suggesting they bid farewell to Kairav. Abhir duly bids goodbye. Recalling Kairav’s words, Abhi acknowledges that the pair have braved treacherous storms before and are not feeble now.

Having sent Abhir, Manish says you have done so. Akshu says I have learned from my mistakes, Abhi believes blood ties are bigger than upbringing, but I am sure our upbringing will win out in the end. Manjiri feeds Abhir the halwa while Aarohi watches. Abhir says it’s really tasty. She says it’s good, Ruhi’s at school, so no one will bother you. My brother says she doesn’t bother me, I want both siblings to be together.

She contemplates the arrival of Abhir at home and wonders what will unfold next. Abhi escorts Abhir to his room, gently lifting him and conveying, “You are extraordinary, and your entrance should be just as special, much like Ruhi. Both of you hold a special place in my heart.” Abhir admires the room and mentions, “You haven’t introduced me to our Shiv ji yet.” Abhi invites him to join, and together they offer prayers to Lord Mahadev. Shefali wears a contented smile, while Manjiri expresses her disbelief that Abhir has indeed come home. Shefali’s smile broadens, and Aarohi departs

In the movie, Abhir says, “Wow, I’ve seen this punching bag in movies.” He plays with Abhir. Abhir coughs. Abhi worries. He says, “I’m fine.” Abhi says, “I’m always with you.” Ruhi watches. He says, “See who came to see you, come quickly.” Ruhi says, “I don’t want to come, you’re my father!” Abhi says yes, why are you upset with Abhir, will you become his first best friend in Udaipur?” Ruhi says no, you are very bad. She leaves.

In 2 days, Abhi says you won’t have to worry about her becoming your friend. Aarohi talks with Surekha over the phone. Surekha says Abhi forgot Ruhi. He hugs her and says I don’t want to upset Ruhi, I’m not stealing her dad, but just sharing. Aarohi sees Manjiri and says I’ll speak to Rihi. He hugs her and smiles. Manjiri smiles.

Akshu posed the question of how she would make the favours on her own, but Muskaan was quick to assure her that she could help. Akshu bid her no and suggested she focus on her task as Suwarna and Dadi arrived to also volunteer their assistance in setting up the jam business in Udaipur. Akshu expressed her gratitude for all they had already done, though Suwarna cut off any further sentimental speeches by urging them to move along. With one last thought about Abhi’s promise to get Abhir here before 6pm, Akshu noticed Abhir had indeed arrived right on time yet without his predecessor; unfazed by this, Akshu invited him inside.

Abhinav smiles. She asks what happened. He shows the car and keys. He says he took it for rent and will drive it in Udaipur. She says it’s not needed. He says it’s necessary, I can teach Abhir to respect others. She says you can teach him everything. He says we are together. Her jam business is on the back burner. He says no, you won’t do that work again. She says we need… He gives her a form. She says law exam form.

He prompts her to take the exam, convincing her that doing so will enable her to become a mother and lawyer for Abhir, and help those who require it. He assured her of his support in making all of her dreams come true. She thanked him for being such an incredible life partner. Abhir then took off in the car – better than his old one – while Abhinav commented that more cars would soon arrive. The house of “Doc Man” was unbelievable; full of cars as well as a waterfall! In this extravagant setting, Abhi noticed the boxing gloves and butterfly – making him question if he was being selfish: but ultimately concluded that he was not.

Akshu admits Abhi is more stable financially, but says Abhinav possesses the key to contentment. Seeing him calculate his brother’s educational costs triggers Manish to remark on his bravery. Suwarna points out Akshu’s luck in finding him, for he prefers not to take a job and try succeeding independently. Kairav wonders how this path will earn any court credit, but Dadi is certain of his self-reliance and capability of achieving anything. Abhinav reveals he must still cover medical expenses and a bike – amounting to sixty lakhs – leaving Akshu filled with apprehension.


Abhinav says he took the cab on rent. Nishta asks Abhi to pay the driver. Abhi gives money to Abhinav. Abhinav says if I don’t leave the shagun, how will I leave my son?

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