Kavya 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update | Kavya’s Pregnancy News & Tensions Arise


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As Anjali gives Kavya the pregnancy reports, she is shocked. She smiles. She recalls the DM’s words and starts thinking. Malini says, “Adi, you’re going to be a father.” Adi says he feels like puking. She jokes. She asks Kavya to tell Adi. Kavya says I want to go home, it’s late night, I don’t want to talk about it. She says he’s the would-be dad, tell him. Kavya says she has to be happy about the baby. Adi and Kavya share their feelings with their moms.

Anjali offers Kavya some advice, suggesting she should talk to Adi about her concerns. Malini is content with this solution and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Giriraj discusses his plans for profiting off of the party with his PA. As Kavya and Adi enter the room, they are reminded of their promise to each other and Adi reassures her that they will get through any challenges together. However, Kavya questions why Adi mentioned the entrance exam to CM, which leads to an argument between them. Adi explains that he didn’t anticipate his father would inform CM about it and urges Kavya to calm down so they can have a proper conversation. Despite her initial resistance, Kavya eventually agrees to sit and talk with him. However, as she suddenly stands up, Adi advises her against doing so in such a hurry.

As Kavya entered the room, Adi was quick to join her. He assured her he would care for her, yet seemed hesitant to speak up about something he wanted to share. Anjali and Malini, who had arrived to listen in on their conversation, smiled and left as Adi explained there was nothing significant to say. Kavya accepted this, and they both embraced in a hug. As they dined together with everyone else, Anjali and Malini couldn’t help but notice that Adi and Kavya were not speaking much to each other.

Alka says Santu is on leave. Kavya says Santu’s brother was injured in the school incident. Giriraj says I have sympathy too, but we shouldn’t take the problems too personally. Malini signs Adi. Giriraj asks what’s wrong. Malini and Giriraj discuss Alka and Sanjeev’s wedding. Alka and Omi will leave, she says. Alka says I will come meet you and you can come meet me as well. Malini becomes sad.

Giriraj says Adi, promise Malini, you and Kavya will let her know about it. Adi replies, “I just started my career; what can I do with a baby?” Kavya and Adi look on as Giriraj says Kavya will handle him, you will work, I have asked Sanjeev to stay here for a few days, we need to meet tomorrow and we can’t disagree on anything. They go for the meeting.

Kavya and Shubh come with the DM. He tells Adi about the DM Yadav’s advice about the teachers’ entrance exam. Kavya agrees with the plan. DM agrees, too. Kavya recalls his words. She says I disagree. Giriraj stares at her.


Anjali performs the rituals for Kavya’s Godhbharai at Adi.

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