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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 19th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

When Prerna arrives at the hotel, she sees Krish fallen and runs to him. Shweta also sees Krish. Krish asks Prerna to send the video to her family members. When Shweta gets there, she snatches the phone from Prerna. She tells her that the video cannot be sent, so she deletes it. Prerna shows Shweta the video and says everyone received it. He gets up and sees Shiva sleeping. He gets the video. He is shocked and shouts Krish. He asks Shiva to get up.

Dhara gets the video, but Shweta intervenes and deletes it. Prerna chastises her and takes Krish away, leaving everyone to worry about him, including Rishita. Suman inquires as to what happened, so Gautam shows her the video. He then tries to call Krish, but his phone doesn’t connect. Gautam proposes going to the hospital while Prerna eventually manages to get Krish home; everyone rushes to help him in his hour of need. Dhara reflects on why she should help them when they do not appear to need her.

Suman asks Shivank why he brought Shweta home. Shivank gets an injured Shweta home. Shivank says she was going to commit suicide, so you’re lucky I got there on time. Shivank remembers Shweta coming to meet him. She pours buckets of water on herself. He asks her to stop. She hits a brick on her head. He asks why you are doing this. She asks Krish, “I’m fainting, please take me to the Pandya house.” She jumps into his arms.

Rishita insultingly tells Shweta to go and end her life, while Shivank justifies that he brought her here for her own good. Krish accuses Shweta of being caught in some wrongdoing. Suddenly, a lawyer arrives and inquires about Shweta Patel’s identity, to which she admits being the person in question. The lawyer informs her that the court has already pronounced a judgment against her, and she must appear in court tomorrow. The reason cited is her alleged attempt to harm Krish, with a threatening video as evidence. Shweta denies this, asserting that Krish is her husband and she didn’t harm him; instead, he tried to harm himself by jumping off somewhere, and she was there contemplating suicide. Prerna interjects, rejecting Shweta’s defence and claiming they have evidence against her. The man instructs Shweta to appear before the court as scheduled.

Shweta pleads with everyone, but they insist she leaves. Only Suman offers a way out by saying she can stay in the storeroom. Shweta gratefully accepts and meets Dhara, who warns they must keep an eye on her. Gautam queries why Suman allowed this to which she replies that until Shweta and Krish are officially divorced, she will remain on the premises. Gautam’s gaze returns to Dhara. Finding no place to sleep, Raavi turns to Rishita for help, asking if anywhere free can be found despite Shiva’s condition. Rishita concedes and allows her to rest anywhere except her room.

Prerna’s anger boils over, and she delivers a stinging slap to Krish. He reacts by reprimanding her, asserting that he didn’t consume alcohol, speculating that the juice might have been spiked, and therefore, he has no recollection of the events. Prerna firmly responds, affirming her knowledge of what transpired, unable to come to terms with it, and expressing her inability to continue staying in that situation.


Shweta says she won’t leave the Pandya house. Dhara challenges her. She says she’ll marry Krish to Prerna.

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