Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Abhimanyu expressing concern about the cold air and potential sickness. To help identify himself, Abhir writes “Help Abhir” on a football and prays to Shiv ji before kicking it. However, he ends up hurting himself and causing the ball to hit a passing car. Luckily, Akshara sees the ball and recognizes it as a clue that Abhir intentionally left. Remembering her teachings about seeking out clues during times like this, Akshara instructs Abhimanyu to stop the car. She inspects the ball which ultimately leads them to a nearby temple where they find Abhir. He is surprised to see them and is immediately embraced by Akshara who questions why he ran away without telling anyone. He explains that he thought he was a “bad boy” so they sent him away to Dadda’s house. To his relief, she reassures him that their previous words were just part of an act meant to convince him to go to Dadda’s house, as they couldn’t bear being without him. Overwhelmed with emotion, Abhir realizes that he had been running all this time for nothing.

Abhimanyu reassures Abhir that there is no fracture, only a sprain. Abhir apologizes for running away from home. Abhimanyu explains that his parents love him and they were only trying to protect him. They decide to return home together. Meanwhile, on his way, Abhinav receives a call from Akshara. Excitedly, he answers and Abhiraam informs him that he is with their mother and going to their grandfather’s house. Acknowledging this news with joy, Abhinav suddenly notices a drowsy truck driver behind him. He quickly swerves the steering wheel in order to avoid an accident. In the midst of this chaos, Abhiraam’s phone disconnects during the call with Akshara, but she assures him that everything will be alright when his father arrives soon.

As Birlas and Goenkas gaze at the door, Abhimanyu, Akshara, and Abhir arrive home with beaming smiles. Manish warmly addresses Abhir as his buddy, while Muskaan chides him for not informing her beforehand. Apologetically, Abhir expresses regret for his actions. Aarohi reminds him of the danger he could have faced and advises against such impulsive behavior in the future. As everyone embraces him, Manjiri quietly exits in tears. Ruhi rushes to hug Abhir, apologizing for not stopping him from going alone. In return, he thanks her for her help and prayers that brought him back. Curiously, he asks about Dida’s absence and the reason behind Manjuir’s crying, as Akshara notices her emotional state and remembers her previous words.

You were waiting for his return, but now you are hiding from him. Manjiri hugs Abhir and asks where did you go, Abhir, forgive me. He says no, I will not accept your apology, I will accept kachoris. Everyone smiles. Abhir says he hasn’t eaten for two days. She makes kachoris and halwa. She says yes, I will. She hugs Abhir.

Akshara seeks Kanha’s blessings as she prays. Abhir, noticing her exhaustion, urges her to eat and drink. Upon seeing the bandage on her hand, Akshara inquires if it was applied by Dadda, which Abhir confirms. Abhimanyu then brings them kachoris, to which they both happily indulge in alongside some water. While enjoying their meal, Akshara’s mangalsutra slips from her hand. Quickly, she calls out to Abhinav who arrives just in time for her to wear it back around her neck. Overjoyed, Abhinav calls out to Abhir and takes him into his arms, showering him with kisses. He pleads with him not to leave again and even suggests fitting GPS on him to ensure his safety. Ruhi excitedly exclaims that they should celebrate now that he’s returned while also remembering that she forgot the knife for the party.

Shefali, Akshara, and Abhinav all shared updates. She was scared, but luckily Abhir arrived and helped to improve the situation. Ruhi then called for everyone to gather. Abhir questioned the presence of candles since it wasn’t his birthday. She kindly requested him to make a wish before blowing them out. As Abhimanyu listened, Abhir wished to live in Kasauli with his biological parents instead of staying at the orphanage. He apologized to Abhimanyu and expressed his love for him as a friend, but desired to be with his mother and father even more. He asked Doc Man (Abimanyu) for help in making this wish a reality.


He asks Akshara to fulfill his wish. Abhimanyu cries.


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