Meet 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update


In his room, Manmeet remembers Meet. His sister walks in with clothes and drops his perfume bottle. His sister apologizes and says she just broke it. Manmeet reassures her that it wasn’t a big deal. Manmeet tells Anuja you did not break it on purpose. If I had done the same thing to another male in this house, he would have scolded me and hit me. The other sister says you are different from the other men in the house, so why behave so badly with Meet? Would you be able to handle it if someone else did the same to your sister?

When you two get married and someone handcuffs your father and disrespects your mother, will you two be able to handle it? Manmeet says no, but now, answer me this question: can you handle it when someone handcuffs your father and disrespects your mother? I was away from my family for 25 years and now I can get love from them, Manmeet says. He walks out of the room.

She hides behind the wall and says to him, Shagun is saying something about you that you should not hear. Maneet says I’ll talk to her directly.

A manmeet looks at Gunwanti and Shagun outside the room. Gunwanti helps her to change clothes. Meet stops him from entering the room. I do not want to be the second wife. I know how the second daughter in law behaves in this house, so I do not want to marry him. Gunwanti tears her dress mistakenly. He’s shocked after seeing that. Gunwanti says to calm down.

You will get angry if you go and talk to her now, according to Meet, because she will say no right away. I just brought you here to show you everything so that in the future, you won’t accuse me of anything, so please wait here and I’ll check on her. A hand is kept by Meet on Manmeet’s chest. Manmeet removes it. Meet says to him, “You can leave, I’ll handle it.” Mahendra is on call. Manmeet walks up to him and asks him for alcohol. Mahendra agrees and leaves.

As Meet walks to Gunwanti and Shagun, Manmeet sees them talking. Meet sees Manmeet watching them. Meet sees Manmeet watching them. I’m smart, I know you’re trying to break up my marriage, but I won’t let that happen. As he looks at him, he thinks I won’t let you marry her until I get the paperwork, and I won’t leave until then.

Meeting is working on the marriage arrangements. Jasodha says to Sundari, I bet she is planning something. Manmeet sits beside Jasodha and says, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this.” Sundari says to Jasodha that my son is worried about Meet not being happy with his wedding, so why don’t I send her somewhere before the wedding to make her run away so that my son can be relaxed and enjoy his marriage.

Gunwanti, Jasodha and Meet are in the store room. Jasodha says Manmeet bought earring for Shagun but he lost them and she wants to look inside the room. Jasodha and Gunwanti ask her to walk inside. Meet knocks on the door from inside. Everyone outside locks and traps her in the room.

As Meet tries to exit the room, he bumps into Manmeet and gets scared. Manmeet asks why he is screaming. Meet says he is looking for the earrings your father bought for Shagun. Manmeet says don’t lie, I never bought anything for Shagun. Meet says your mother lied to me and brought me here, but tell me what you are doing here. From inside, Manmeet shouts to open the door. We cannot find Manmeet, and Panditji is also calling him. Jasodha asks Gunwanti to look for Manmeet.

I can’t hear you, Manmeet says. Your mom made a very good plan so I couldn’t attend your wedding, but bad luck, you won’t attend your wedding either. He finds a box and says we’ve got a way to get everyone’s attention. Manmeet is looking for something to open the door, and he finds a box.

As Meet looks at the box, he says there is no need to burst crackers in a closed room and I’m afraid of them. He makes fun of her and says “Me and Shagun will get married, you cannot stop it.” He lights a matchstick and throws it into the box. Firecrackers explode. Manmeet hugs Meet tightly as he gets scared.

Jasodha and her daughter-in-law unlock the door and find Manmeet and Meet together inside the room, leaving everyone stunned. Jasodha asks Manmeet how she got inside. Manmeet walks out of the room. Imarti makes fun of it. Jasodha asks how she got inside. She replies, “I was left inside because of you.”

Meet says that Manmeet told her he didn’t buy anything for Shagun, and I think you are experiencing memory loss because of your age, so as the first wife of my husband, I arranged everything for his second marriage. Manmeet mixes alcohol in juice, thinking now I’ll see how you can stop my marriage. Mahendra gives him alcohol. They sit together. When she asks Panditji where the groom will sit, he tells her the location and leaves.

Shagun recalls what Meet said to her about being second wife. Meet told Shagun to smile or else everyone would think I did something. Manmeet walks to them. Meet tells Manmeet she is not ready to be married. As a result, Manmeet asks Meet to tie payal around Shagun’s leg so that we can get her mood back.

Manmeet tells Shagun to look at Meet, who sits in your legs because that is her place as first wife. Meet agrees and helps her to wear payal. Manmeet helps Shagun feel better. As Gunwanti walks in with juice, Shagun gets happy and hangs him. Meet takes a glass of juice from Gunwanti.

Meet is given lipstick by Manmeet and asked to apply it on Shagun’s lips. After he leaves, Meet says I’ll fulfill my husband’s wish and apply lipstick to your lips first. Shagun takes a glass of juice. Gunwanti takes a glass from her and says it’s not yours, it has a lot of ice in it and will make you ill.

Meet drinks the glass, says this was really good, and asks Shagun to drink another glass. Gunwanti tells Shagun to drink fast and come downstairs. Shagun drinks the whole glass of juice.

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