Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with everyone searching for Aarohi and getting worried. Aarohi contemplates how long she can keep running and living in fear, realizing that she needs to make a decision. She closes her eyes and thinks about Abhimanyu and Abhir. Abhinav expresses their inability to find her anywhere, while Abhimanyu mentions that she can’t go anywhere without Roohi. Aarohi trusts Abhimanyu and decides to tell him that Abhir is his son.

Akshara tries to cheer up Roohi, assuring her that her mom will come back. Manjiri gets angry, while Akshara talks about the need to choose between faith and illusion. Abhimanyu, Abhinav, and Kairav arrive, sharing their disappointment in not finding Aarohi. Anand suggests filing a police complaint. Abhimanyu hugs Roohi, and Abhinav comforts Abhir. Abhimanyu reassures everyone that Aarohi will return. Soon, Aarohi comes back, and Roohi shouts at her, expressing her fear of being left alone. Manjiri asks Aarohi about the matter, and Abhir mentions that Roohi is upset. Abhimanyu asks if she’s okay. Aarohi notices Abhimanyu and Akshara, sensing that something is bothering her. Akshara wonders if Aarohi has learned something from Dr Sandeep.

Aarohi apologizes for leaving abruptly, explaining that she thought everything was perfect and everyone was happy together, so she got emotional and went alone. Manjiri hugs her, and Kairav scolds her for her actions. Dadi expresses her fear of losing Aarohi, while Mahima suggests leaving the place. Akshara senses that Aarohi is hiding something and prays to Kanha Ji. She turns around and finds Aarohi standing there. Akshara asks her to share anything that might cause a problem between them. Roohi interrupts and calls Aarohi. Aarohi decides to keep the truth hidden for Roohi’s sake, and they all leave.

Akshara cries and thinks about Abhimanyu. She imagines Abhimanyu taking Abhir with him. Abhinav assures her that they will take care of Abhir. Muskaan arrives and informs them that she is shifting to a girls’ hostel, mentioning that she can’t stay there forever. Akshara and Abhinav inquire about the reason, but Muskaan denies any specific issue and mentions the convenience of the hostel’s proximity to her office. Akshara decides to talk to Suvarna, but Abhinav insists on talking to Muskaan. Meanwhile, Kairav argues with Surekha, defending Muskaan against accusations of trapping him for money. Akshara gets angry and scolds Surekha, expressing her disappointment. She asserts that she had faith in Muskaan and now feels betrayed, as Muskaan wants to move to a hostel. Akshara wonders how to explain the situation to Abhinav, while Kairav blames Surekha for the misunderstanding. Manish speaks up, emphasizing the importance of respect and reminding them that Muskaan is Abhinav’s sister. He urges Surekha to apologize and ensure Muskaan doesn’t leave, leaving the consequences up to her.

Shefali asks Aarohi if she’s okay, and Aarohi nods. Shefali shows them pictures from the Gangaur festival. Manjiri suggests focusing on the upcoming marriage instead of discussing Gangaur. Abhimanyu agrees, and Aarohi notices a toy car with Abhir’s picture. Roohi comments on Abhir’s playfulness, mentioning that he put his picture on the toy car. Abhimanyu praises Abhir, and Aarohi questions why he took the toy car, stating that she will return it to Abhir. Anand asks why not give it to him now, while Manjiri wonders why Aarohi seems worried. Abhimanyu suggests sending it later, but Aarohi insists on returning it immediately, not even bothering to wear her sandals.

Precap: Aarohi apologizes for Abhimanyu’s absence, but he arrives and checks on Abhir. Abhinav advises Abhimanyu to prioritize his patients’ timely treatment, emphasizing the importance of valuing time.


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