Anupama 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Anupama tells Leela that she has repeatedly mentioned how Dimple is a good girl and that she should try to understand her. Anupama accepts that she cannot stop them even if she wishes to, so she advises Leela to bless them and show her support. Hasmukh agrees with Anupama, acknowledging that it is not the time to impose their decisions on their children. Vanraj concurs, stating that there is no use in explaining when they know the children won’t listen. Anupama urges Samar and Dimple to marry and not fight, suggesting that they can discuss the rest at home since it’s time for her students to arrive. Vanraj suggests leaving, and Samar holds Anupama’s hand, expressing that they didn’t come to fight or create drama but to apologize. He shares how hurt he was when Anupama refused to take up his responsibility, but he now realizes that he can’t burden her anymore. Samar declares his love for Dimpy and his intention to marry her, even if the elders don’t approve or bless them, emphasizing that he will not hurt the elders.

Dimple apologizes to Anupama, clarifying that she didn’t intend to expel her from the dance academy, as Anupama has done a lot for her. Anupama understands Dimple’s intentions and acknowledges that she wouldn’t have handed over the keys or left if she believed otherwise. She states that it was her decision, and both of them should forget everything and strive for success in life while not forgetting their family and responsibilities. Leela shouts, accusing Anupama of going against her as usual. Anupama clarifies that she is not against Leela but standing with her son, and bids her farewell. Leela walks away angrily, while Hasmukh blesses Anupama and departs. Samar and Dimple also leave. Vanraj mentions meeting Anupama again and leaves. Anupama recalls Ankush’s message and mentions Anuj’s name, sensing his presence.

Ankush sends a voice note to Anuj, urging him to reach the office by 11 a.m. the next day at any cost. Barkha overhears this and claps sarcastically. Ankush responds that clapping is good for health. Barkha angrily questions his understanding, and Ankush explains that it’s crucial to call Anuj to prevent Barkha’s constant taunts. Barkha retorts that Ankush is a fool who can’t handle a business. Ankush reveals that the approval and signatures of Anupama and Anuj are required for any project, and if they don’t come, the business Barkha is trying to grab will fail. Barkha suggests calling them at a different time, but Ankush highlights the need for Anuj and Anupama to meet. Paakhi overhears their conversation and smiles, while Barkha hopes that Anuj and Anupama don’t meet.

Kavya notices Vanraj lost in thoughts and asks if he is thinking about Anupama and what is bothering him now. Anuj shares his thoughts on Samar and Dimpy, believing that they have the right to make their own decisions. Kavya acknowledges that Anupama opened his eyes. Vanraj adds that it seems to be a different issue and that a wife can sense her husband’s mind, assuming there might be a problem due to Anuj’s presence and asks if Anuj is returning. Vanraj questions why Anuj would return when he has Maaya and Little Anu back, stating that Anuj is coming for office work, and Anupama is also going to the office for the same reason. Kavya suggests that Vanraj is worried they might reunite. Vanraj dismisses her claims and laughs, stating that Anupama won’t even look at Anuj after what he did, emphasizing that it’s better for Anuj to move on. Kavya prays for Anuj and Anupama to reunite and never separate. Vanraj stands there with a frown.

Anuj asks Maaya not to inform Little Anu that he is going to Ahmedabad, as she will insist on accompanying him. Maaya asks if he will meet Anupama after everything that happened between them. Anuj requests Maaya to take Little Anu out when he leaves. Anuj contemplates what might happen if he encounters Anu there and notices himself subconsciously typing Anupama’s name repeatedly on his laptop. Barkha calls Maaya and argues with her for failing to stop Anuj from reaching Ahmedabad. Maaya questions why Barkha didn’t send the official papers to their location. Barkha explains that it seems like destiny wants Anuj and Anupama to meet. Maaya wonders if they will reunite upon meeting, and Barkha clarifies that their distance may lessen, but their differences will remain. Maaya asks for clarification, and Barkha mentions that she will be with Anuj at all times, so Anupama and Anuj will not be alone together.

Kanta notices Anupama is lost in thought and asks her if it’s important for her to visit the office. Anupama nods affirmatively. Kanta praises how Anupama handled Leela, Samar, and Dimpy really well. Bhavesh hopes they don’t argue with Anupama. Anupama expresses that the gap between Leela and Dimpy is deep and difficult to bridge, considering Leela’s traditional thinking and Dimpy’s modern mindset with unfiltered speech. Anupama receives a call from the receptionist, who informs her that Ankush is busy in the afternoon and requests her to come at 4 p.m. Anupama agrees and wonders when Anuj will arrive. Barkha commends the receptionist for following her instructions and states that she will handle Ankush. Ankush asks Anuj to come at 4 p.m. as the meeting is postponed. Anuj contemplates whether he should inform Anupama about the meeting change and asks Ankush if he wants Anupama to come.

Kanta notices Anupama in tears and suggests that sometimes it’s good not to try. Anupama tightly hugs Kanta, who encourages her to speak and pour her heart out. Anupama confides that Anuj left her after Little Anu’s departure, acknowledging that he still loves her immensely. She expresses her mixed emotions, nervous yet hopeful that Anuj’s anger may have lessened. Anupama fears her own reaction when she sees him again or if she will be able to speak. Kanta advises her to do what feels right at that moment. Anupama contemplates returning everything Anuj gave her. Kanta assures her that she can do whatever she believes is right. Anupama admits uncertainty about what the future holds for her.

Precap: Anuj arrives at Anupama’s house and sees her teaching dance to students. Anupama becomes emotional upon seeing him.


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