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Gunwanti says now that all of her wood is wet, she won’t be able to do anything. Imarti says let’s go check on her together.

Imarti and Gunwanti are shocked when they see Meet cooking on Chula in the kitchen. Meet asks them how it looks and if it smells good. Imarti says she will go and check. As Imarti notices her bed in a state of disrepair, she exclaims, “Meet is using the wood from my bed and cribs to cook food!” Jasodha and Gunwanti stood behind her in shock after seeing the bhoj thali. Jasodha asks her did you cook it all? She replies, “Yes, I did.

Meet says yes. Jasodha asks how is that possible, I’m sure you’ve done something fishy. Meet says no. Jasodha inquires, “Do you truly believe that by engaging in such actions, you can win over everyone’s heart? If that were possible, every servant would become a boss. So, it’s important to recognize the distinction between you and a servant at this moment.”

As Meet says, the taste of food differs when it is cooked by a family member because it contains love, and kheer for Sarkar tastes better because it is made with love every year. Yes, Jasodha says, I make kheer for him personally because he loves me and every relationship is based on a husband, and if you don’t have a husband, you have nothing. Jasodha walks away, saying my son hates you and he will always do, so he walks away.

Meet admits, “Yes, I did it because I needed dry wood to start a fire, and all the available wood was wet. Did you witness it?” In an angry tone, Imarti responds, “How dare you ruin my bed and use it for cooking!?” Meet reaffirms, “Yes, I did it because I needed dry wood to light the fire, as all the other wood was wet.”

The food Manmeet eats is called Jasodha, and he says it’s delicious. I thought I’d sit with everyone and eat together, but it smelled so good that I started by myself. The chapatis are also so soft, I love them. After listening to everything, Meet smiles. Manmeet expresses, “I feel rejuvenated after consuming this.”

Sarkar is asleep. As Jasodha sits on his legs, he takes his blessings and says, “I still remember when I came here for the first time and you accepted me as your wife with love and you always brought me gifts on every Holi. This time, I want you to be my husband for the rest of my life so that we can celebrate Holi together forever.”

Jasodha asks what happened did I do something wrong. Sarkar answers yes. Jasodha begins sobbing. Sarkar walks away.

On the call, Manmeet says to the photographer, “I want my wife’s videos and photos as soon as possible; wherever she goes, you will follow her, and no spot should be missed, otherwise I will not leave you.” The arrangements are all done for you Meet, your first Holi in Sarkarpur will be your last.

When Sarkar gives instructions to Badri regarding Holi arrangements, Bardi walks away. Jasodha walks to Sarkar with water and asks what happened. Every time you take responsibility for Holi, but today I see you worried since morning, did something bother you?

In response to Sarkar’s sarcastic poem, Jasodha replies, “Sometimes I have trouble understanding what you say, but I feel good after seeing your smile. I thought you were angry with me this morning, but I am feeling better now.” She walks away. It’s your attempt to trick me this Holi, Sarkar says to himself. You’re not going to forget this Holi.

Jasodha walks to Sarkar with colour, she wishes him Holi and bows down to touch his feet to take blessings, but Sarkar walks away and wishes Mahendra Holi. At the party, Meghna tells Meet that you look better than yesterday. Manmeet walks in and wonders when our special guest will arrive. Manmeet walks to Sarkar and wishes him a happy Holi.

Manmeet gestures towards the cameraman and assures, “Don’t worry, we will celebrate Holi as scheduled.” Sarkar inquires about Manmeet’s whereabouts, asking, “Where is Manmeet?”

It is Sarkar’s job to apply colour to Manmeet’s face from Jasodha’s thali, while Gunwanti and another woman approach Sarkar and wish him Holi by applying colour to his feet. Meghna says to Meet that she can see the discrimination between men and women in Sarkarpur. Sarkar replies to me that everyone is looking forward to playing Holi with their wives, so go and enjoy yourself. Everyone plays Holi with their wives this year.

With colour in his hands, Manmeet walks towards Meet and applies it to Shagun standing behind her. He wishes her a happy Holi. He says to Meet, “What do you think I’m going to apply colour to you, I think we’ll play Holi with the person you love.” Meet mocks him and walks away. According to Manmeet, someone else will play Holi with you.

Sarkar walks to Inspector Bhati and welcomes him. Manmeet approaches Inspector Bhati. Sarkar asks who will you arrest today. Bhati tells Sarkar that today I’m not on duty but am here to celebrate Holi with you all. Bhati and Manmeet have a close relationship, and Manmeet calls Meet and tells him Bhati is here.

The cameraman records everything as Sarkar, Manmeet and Bhati wish each other a happy Holi and walks away. Manmeet brings colour for them and says, “Wish each other a happy Holi.”. Manmeet takes a pinch of colour and applies it to Bhati and she walks away.

In the last 30 years, this is the first time you haven’t played Holi with me. Currently, Bhati and Meet are standing apart, but soon they will be together. Manmeet mixes something in thandai.

The precap

Playing Holi with Manmeet and Meet. With the help of hay, Manmeet covers mud. Meet walks toward the mud. Inspector Bhati tries to save her, but both fall into the mud. Manmeet records everything and says the video will be shown in the courtroom.

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