Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Shiv is arguing with Samar. He claims this is my palace, it belongs to my mum, Chandrabhaan’s legal wife. When it comes to war, Samar says I got my rights, everything is fair in love and war, but when it comes to war, she wants to reveal one more thing, she wants to feel light, so she ordered Monty to shoot Shiv. Everyone is stunned.

The asthma attack was caused by me, Samar said. I gave Sam the idea of running after Mithi. Raghav says I made a big mistake listening to you rather than my brother, I got you home, you did this. Samar says I forced you to do it. Ranimaa asks what you want. You have nothing right now, he says, if you follow my protocols, you can stay here, otherwise, the door is open, I’ll give you half an hour to think, your time is now.

All of them leave. Ranimaa cries. Shiv hugs Mohit and says, “I’ll come with you.” Shiv says, “Of course, let’s go”. Roshni sees Samar. Everyone leaves. Samar says I’m happy now. She says we were partners, so why didn’t you tell me why you snatched the palace away from me?” He says I don’t trust anyone. He laughs and leaves. Ranimaa says she got cheated, and that is the worst thing that has ever happened to her.

Surili and the rest of the group comfort Ranimaa as she expresses her pain. Raghav sympathizes with her, saying he understands what she is going through. Maan reminds her that forgiveness is not an easy path, but it will ultimately alleviate her burden. Ranimaa firmly states that she will never forgive their father, as his mistakes have also impacted her children. She regrets not knowing about Samar earlier, as she would have prevented his betrayal. Surili is taken aback and asks for clarification. Ranimaa confirms that Samar had stabbed her in the back. Sam urges her to stay calm, while Mohit encourages her to dry her tears.

A smile spreads across Surili’s face. Roshni says congratulations, you got the Barot empire, my son’s share will be there as well. He asks, “your son, who you raised since 6 years. He said he would take care of Mohit and expose the Barot family.” After posting a video online, he reveals his identity. Surili wipes Ranimaa’s tears. Shiv receives Bandish’s call. He asks what. He sees Samar’s video and defames the family in Samar’s video.

Shiv says he has snatched our house and empire, but he cannot snatch our unity, so we must give a solid response. Raghav asks how we will defeat Samar. Ranimaa says yes, we cannot lose courage. Shiv says we have to use the contacts, I’ll go to the commissioner and report Samar attack Maan, Samar will be punished, so it’s time to fight him, come with me.

No, Maan says I won’t file a complaint against him. Raghav asks what, we have to remove Samar from our house. Maan says we’re doing this for family, Samar did wrong, and he was affected too. Shiv says no. Ranimaa says Maan is alone on his side. Surili says I’m with Maan, try to understand him.

Shiv says we have to teach Samar a lesson, we’ll give him double pain, then everything will be fine. Maan says no, try to understand. Shiv says you’re supporting him. Surili says Samar must realize his mistake, and he’ll get on the right track. Raghav says it’s impossible. Surili says he’s a Barot. Maan, listen to Shiv! Ranimaa shouts no, Maan.


We will win if we go back and answer Samar, Surili says. They all go home. Samar watches.


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