Anupama 2nd March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Brings Pari to Restaurant

Anupama written update

Anupama 2nd March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama accompanies Pari to the restaurant, and upon arrival, Pari turns to Dadi with a question. Anupama explains that since her mother had gone to work, it wouldn’t be safe for Pari to stay home alone. Yashdeep warmly greets Pari, while Vikram offers her something before taking her along with him. Anupama apologizes for not informing him beforehand about bringing Pari along, but he reassures her that it’s alright. He then asks about her day at the dance class and she responds positively, feeling as though she had met herself through the experience. She also shares that she had a pleasant conversation with Diya ji and felt a connection with her. Returning to business matters, Anupama reminds him about the upcoming event preparations, but he asks why the rush when she just returned from dance class.

Anupama mentions she feels energized after dancing. Right then, Shruti arrives and calls out to her. Anupama turns towards her. Yashdeep excuses himself. Shruti explains that she came to inform her something. Anupama asks about Choti/Aadhya’s well-being and also inquires about Shruti’s own updates, specifically if the wedding date has been set. Shruti reveals that the wedding is either cancelled or postponed. Anupama invites her to take a seat. Grateful, Shruti expresses her gratitude for finding Anupama there and shares that she came over to have some masala tea. She further discloses that her parents are on their way to finalize the marriage date for herself and Anuj, but now she must figure out how to break it to them that the wedding won’t be taking place at all. Worried about troubling Anupama despite not wanting to, she knows this only complicates matters even more.

She says she won’t worry, and that time might have answers to her questions. Anupama says she’ll bring tea. Shruti thinks she’s mad to come here. Anupama goes to the kitchen. Yashdeep asks if everything is okay. Anupama says Shruti is very worried, she’s drinking masala tea here. When Anuj calls, Shruti doesn’t pick it up. Anupama comes out and gives her tea. On her phone, she sees AK’s call. She messages him, drinks tea, and then continues.

Anupama admits her role in Shruti’s current condition, to which Yashdeep reassures her that it was not her fault. Just then, Anuj rushes over and delivers heartbreaking news – the plane carrying Shruti’s parents had crashed. He apologizes, stating that this was never meant to happen, and explains that he struggled with how to break the news. Overcome with grief, Shruti breaks down and sadly exclaims that she is now all alone since her parents are gone and she is now an orphan. Trying to console her, Anuj reminds her that he is there for her. Meanwhile, Anupama steps away from Shruti and watches as she embraces Anuj while crying.

It was unbelievable that Pakhi could do such a thing. Dimpy said next time, I wouldn’t tolerate this. Baa says you’re allowed to slap Pakhi repeatedly. Babu ji asks where Vanraj is. He says he must be angry. As Vanraj comes home angry, he tells me you wanted to adopt a baby, I said okay, you wanted to divorce, I said okay, you wanted to open an online store, I said okay, you wanted to move to Delhi, I said ok. He says I’ve always supported you, so now it’s enough.

She says, “I always held you in the highest regard, but today, you brought me shame.” He responds, “Because of you, I had to hang my head in front of them. They didn’t tell me what you did, but I knew you had lowered yourself to go there. I do so much for all of you, yet you never let me live in peace. Do you want me to jump in the river and die?” He then orders them to leave his house, saying, “If you want to stay here, you must live by my rules, or leave.” He tells Dimpy that she is coming with him to America because he doesn’t want any love affairs happening behind his back.

Shruti weeps, questioning why such an unfortunate event has occurred and what wrong she has done to deserve it. Anupama, feeling sympathetic, witnesses Shruti’s collapse. Anuj is instructed by Anupama to bring Shruti back home while Yashdeep offers to send a doctor. Despite Anuj’s efforts to assist her into the car, Shruti continues to lose consciousness. Yashdeep suggests that Anupama accompany them as Anuj may not be able to handle her alone. However, Anupama expresses concern for Pari and Vikram kindly offers to take her home instead. Accepting the offer, Anupama joins Vikram in the car and they depart.

She says she won’t close the dance academy and won’t travel to America. She says she started the academy just a week ago and now she can’t go. She says it is because of Pakhi. When Vanraj arrives, he asks Kavya whether she is teaching Dimpy. Dimpy replies that she was not taught anything by Kavya.

Kavya says and Dimpy isn’t doing anything wrong. Vanraj tells Kavya he will take Dimpy from here. Pari insists Kinjal get a bicycle for her. Kinjal says it’s pretty expensive and they can’t afford it. Toshu comes there and says he’ll get the bike for her. Kinjal asks him what he’s doing. Toshu assures her that he’s not doing anything wrong and that he’s going to do nothing wrong, and Anuj also trusts him.

As Shruti gains consciousness in the car, she regrets not going to India to meet her parents and faints again. Anuj asks Anupama what happened. Anupama says Shruti ji fainted again. A doctor checks Shruti and says she is in extreme shock. Anupama urges Anuj to drink water. She says it is possible that Shruti’s parents weren’t on the flight and they are alive. Anuj agrees. As Aadhya waits for Shruti’s parents, she plans on giving them a bouquet.

When Anuj calls the airport to ask about his parents, he discovers they are on the flight. Anupama cries and says she’s hoping they didn’t board the flight. Anuj says he knows how it feels to lose your parents. Anupama says we had siblings, but Shruti ji is alone, and nobody can take her place, and she feels empty when someone loses their parents. When I lost my father, Maa was with me, but when I lost her, no one was with me.

Toshu informs Kinjal that Anuj loves Mummy even now, and tells her he has left Shahrukh behind. Anuj hugs her and says I wasn’t aware of this. Mummy will be there at the event tomorrow. Shruti gets conscious and calls Anuj. He says he’ll learn, then he’ll open his own event management company. Shruti asks Anuj if he’ll also leave her. As Anupama is about to leave, Aadhya arrives. She shouts, asking what is she doing there?


Anupama is asked to leave by Aadhya. Anuj asks her to apologize to her mother. Aadhya says she is not her mother and I will not apologize to her. She says my mother is just Shruti. Dimpy will make America here, according to the neighbors. Anupama hugs Beeji and cries. Anuj is hugged by Aadhya who cries.

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