Kavya 16th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya and Adi’s New Beginnings


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The episode begins with Adi putting on an act for the ministers. He remembers what Kavya told him and devised a clever plan. He praises Kavya, saying she is remarkable and by his side. Meanwhile, Kavya inquires about the DM’s whereabouts from a peon. The peon informs her that he has arrived. Kavya rushes to meet the DM, sir. She apologized for being late and explained that she had just rejoined today and was unaware of his visit. The man says he will inform her when he arrives at the office. Kavya quickly discusses work matters, but the man reminds her that they are already discussing work and mentions that it took him three years to get into IAS academy, unlike someone who quickly made it due to their political connections (referring to being a Minister’s daughter-in-law).

Kavya says I m sorry if you felt bad of my words, I would like to lead the Gomtinagar project. He asks her to leave, and the man will do the work. He talks to Shubh. Kavya hears them. She says their thinking won’t change, and I have to change it. CM asks Adi to share his ideas. Adi says everything here is old, and I want to show you how to do both with Treasury Work. This is my low-budget solution.

We don’t have the money for CCTV. Adi says we’ll have old cameras but put on new boards. People will be scared seeing the new boards, and they won’t know if the cameras are working. Everyone applauds him. Adi smiles.

Kavya tells DM that the solution has been found. Shubh arrives. She shows the results of the plans. She says we have tested the recording. She says I have ended the crisis and finished my work on time. The man asks her to leave. Shubh smiles and claps for her. Adi and Kavya arrive home. She says her boss and colleague are new.

Is he a new hire? He asks how was your day. She replies yes, how was your day. She says we will concentrate on our work. No matter what, we will succeed. Sanjeev asks them to go inside the house. Adi and Kavya see the puja going on. Sanjeev and everyone make Adi and Kavya look like grooms and brides. Main to tere naal…plays…

I will always respect you, Adi says. Kavya asks for chili guava ice cream. Adi says done, I ordered it. Rajeev isn’t happy. Giriraj says congrats. Rajeev says you, too. He says it was Adi’s first day, and he did well. Kavya has been going well for years. Rajeev says Kavya has always gone smoothly. Sanjeev announces Anjali’s performance, which is a dance by everyone. Rajeev taunts Adi about becoming a minister with his father’s help. He says you have to rise to be deserving of Kavya.

Adi dances while Kavya eagerly asks for ice cream. Adi quickly gets it for her, and she hurriedly devours it. Seeing her discomfort, he inquires about her well-being. Kavya wants more ice cream, prompting Santu to fetch another serving. As she eats, she feels unwell, and Anjali notices her distress. Concerned, Anjali asks for her symptoms while Kavya requests her to speak up. Just then, Adi arrives and joins the conversation with a smile. He begins to sing as Anjali reveals the happy news that Kavya is pregnant. Overcome with emotion, Kavya remembers the DM’s words and asks Anjali to wait as she plans to take a pregnancy test the following day. Agreeing to give her time, Anjali suggests they see a doctor in the morning to confirm the news. Adi wonders who will accompany them to the doctor’s appointment.


Kavya and Adi make a promise. Shubh sees them and smiles. Adi is shocked.

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