Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 6th December 2023 Written Update

Kavya 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode opens, Rajeev and Anjali discuss Kavya. She says if Kavya has Adi in her heart, then… He says this can’t happen. She asks why not, he is a nice guy, he helps Kavya, his mum is awesome. He asks what about his dad, he has always created hurdles in Kavya’s life, he has sent me to jail, she will never get married to Adi. He says he did not call or message me. Kavya smiles and thinks of Adi. She says he didn’t call or message me.

It was just hot water, she says. He says it has sugar too, coffee ended, leave it, imagine coffee in it. Mayank asks what happened at the checkpoint, tell me. She tastes the coffee and says it’s just hot water. He asks if you’re mad. He asks what happened, tell me. She says it happened. He asks what happened. She says that. He asks what, aren’t you ashamed of saying that in front of your younger brother. She says I mean love, she replies.

Anji says Adi isn’t like his father. Rajeev says Snakes’ sons are snakelets. Mayank asks did you go take selfies. Kavya says I mean, I love Adi. Mayank teases her. He asks why didn’t he come to meet. She says no. He says you go and meet. It’s late, she says. He says don’t waste your time, nobody’s going to tell dad, I’ll tell you how to go. They go out. He tells her not to think too much and to go.

She asks why you came. Mayank goes to her. Kavya jumps down. Adi holds her on his back. He jokes. Anjali comes there. Mayank goes to her. Kavya jumps down. He holds her on his back. He says I came to meet you, you did not call or message. She says I didn’t get a call. He says check your phone. She asks him to check. He says your phone is in airplane mode. She says I’m stupid. Then he says, but mine. She smiles.

She nods. He asks if there was any drama. She says yes. He asks where you’re going now. She smiles. He says I don’t have the courage to ask you. She asks if you trust my decision. He says yes, I have trust and fear too, I’m here with you. She shows his hand. A sign asks if the bangle is gone. She nods. He becomes happy.

Her voice stops him. Anjali asks who is there. Kavya hides. Adi kisses her. She says you can’t shake our love this time. Adi replies, yes, rock solid. When he falls over me, I understand. She hits him. Anjali asks who’s there. He says I’ll go now, dad will come. Adi says I’ll meet him, okay, I’m going. Adi’s bike doesn’t start. Rajeev holds him.

Rajeev inspects his bike as Adi offers to handle it. As Rajeev starts the engine, Adi expresses gratitude towards him. Rajeev mentions that he found dirt in the cylinder and acknowledges Adi for preventing Kavya from jeopardizing her career. In response, Adi humbly denies doing something extraordinary and explains that he was unable to attend training due to a stroke of luck. Rajeev then questions why Adi seems hesitant to put in effort after passing the exam, implying that there may be another underlying reason. He reminds Adi that ultimately, it is his life and decision, but advises him to consider his father’s influence on his career path, as they come from a place where change is not easily possible. He also suggests distancing himself from Kavya and her political involvement, as she will begin her posting tomorrow.

Rajeev admits to making an excuse and asks Adi to come quickly. As he leaves, Adi confesses that he feels disliked by Rajeev. Kavya assures him that Rajeev was speaking calmly, but Adi retorts that Rajeev’s eyes seemed to hold a glare of hatred that could have easily set him and his bike on fire. However, Kavya explains that Rajeev is just releasing his anger since Adi’s father had previously threatened him. Adi suggests going together to clarify any misunderstandings with his dad, stating that he differs from his father and loves her sincerely. Kavya advises against it, reminding him of the promise they both made to be there for each other without judgment. Feeling overwhelmed, Adi jokingly says he can never win an argument with her, causing her to tease him about missing the old version of him who wouldn’t agree so easily. She playfully shoves him away and reminds him not to show affection until her dad approves of their relationship, but reassures him that everything will work out soon enough. As Adi playfully pretends to feel faint, Kavya rushes to hold him up before seeing him off with a goodbye and


Adi hugs Kavya. Kavya goes for the posting. She says I want to help. The man says take some rest here, you can work later.

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