Pandya Store 11th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

At the beginning of the Episode, Dhawal comes to Natasha’s aid by removing a cockroach from their vicinity. While doing so, he unintentionally startles himself and begins yelling as he jumps away. Natasha finds this amusing and laughs. Meanwhile, the police continue to search the house. Amba expresses her desire to distance her family from Natasha and Suman due to their recent behavior. She believes that they have dishonored her family, especially after causing a scene at college and inviting the authorities into their home. Suman accuses Natasha of not only taking her bracelet but also kidnapping her. As the night wears on, Natasha is trying to study while Dhawal sleeps nearby. However, she suddenly starts feeling ill and asks for water. Dhawal, half asleep, is unable to fulfill her request at the moment.

As she screams, she asks for water. She falls down. Dhawal worries. He says I’m sorry, I’ll get water, I didn’t realize you were having trouble. She faints. He lifts and takes her. Suman asks where Dhawal is. Chirag says I’ll check. Hetal says he’s off his phone. Hetal says he’s not in his room, Chirag says. They’ve hidden Natasha and Dhawal, Suman says. He says nothing will happen. Natasha is suffering. He says you shouldn’t worry, just wait.

The man struggled to open the door, calling out for assistance. After grabbing a rod, he attempted to unlock it. Eventually, he succeeded and triumphantly exclaimed, “Come, the door is open!” He then lifted the woman and took her out. Concerned about her well-being, she asked about Natasha’s whereabouts and pleaded for understanding before breaking down in tears. Meanwhile, another man noticed a water filter nearby and used it to give Natasha some water. Unfortunately, she fainted and had to be carried home by the first man. The inspector informed them that Amrish must accompany him to the station while the others looked on in shock. Suman accused Dhawal of kidnapping Natasha but he explained that he only brought her home when she fell ill. Bhaven stopped Pranali from causing a scene while Suman scolded Dhawal. However, Shesh suggested that someone may have tipped him off about the police’s arrival.

He asks Dhawal to come with him. Amrish says listen to Dhawal once. Suman asks them to get water. She scolds Amrish. Inspector says calm down, the police are with you. Suman argues. Dhawal says I did nothing. The inspector says you can go to the police station and tell them. He drags Dhawal. Natasha wakes up and stops them. Amba says that she is fine. Natasha says that she wants to see Dhawal. Suman asks her to drink water. Natasha says that Dhawal didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone smiles.


Amba says she will not allow Natasha to be married to Dhawal. Amrish says I will get Natasha and Dhawal married. Suman says Dhawal is the perfect man for Natasha.


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