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Meet 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Intoxicated Ashok attempts to instruct others on how to build a human pyramid. He tries to demonstrate, but ends up stumbling. This irritates Rajiv, who points out that Ashok’s drunken state is hindering their practice. Ashok then suggests practicing on the field the following day and the group disperses. Poonam reprimands Rajiv for his behavior, but he argues that it’s time to practice and Tauji is unavailable. Agreeing with Rajiv, Ashok walks away. Shlok proposes involving his father, Anand, in their practices as they have struggled alone for too long and it’s time for him to return.

Dadi agrees that it’s time to call Anand and asks Shlok to do so. Poonam drops a teacup out of fear. Sumeet asks Poonam if everything is okay. Shlok takes the phone and calls Anand. Despite Poonam’s attempts to stop him, he insists that Anand has already received the call.

In the call, Ashok pretends to be Shlok’s father and advises him to get professional training because he has many responsibilities. Sumeet wonders why Poonam is worried about Shlok talking to his father.

It’s been three years, and if he can’t come home, he’ll cut ties with him. Ashok pretends to be emotional and agrees to come home. Shlok is happy, thinking their task will be successful.

She cries, saying that she hid the truth about Shlok’s father’s death for his well-being, and Ashok feels guilty for giving him false hope. Poonam meets Shlok and explains that someone who has left this world cannot return. After hearing some noise, they find Sumeet eavesdropping. As Sumeet listens to their conversation, he becomes emotionally involved.

In Raj’s room, Priyanka takes a card that Pankhuri has sent him. She takes the card and hides when Raj unexpectedly enters the room. When Raj finds her veil hanging near the gate, he thinks that there is a thief. He pulls the veil, causing her to fall into his arms. They share an intense moment, and Priyanka lies, telling Raj that the card belongs to Vani. Raj smiles at her.

Poonam discloses to Sumeet the details of Anand’s passing and her decision to keep it concealed. She clarifies that Anand had requested her to keep Shlok unaware until he was emotionally prepared, as seeing Anand in a critical state had greatly affected Shlok’s mental well-being. Poonam reveals that Anand breathed his last on Janmashtami. Ashok and Poonam admit to deceiving their family by sending letters and making calls pretending to be Anand, all in an effort to hide the truth.

When Sumeet asks Shagun if Shagun knows the truth, he remembers the incident when their father broke a pot for them while he was a child. Shagun tells Raunak that she plans to reveal the truth to cause Shlok to be depressed and disrupt his mental state. After Shagun’s hired goons provoke Shlok by using his father’s name, he loses his temper and fights with them, eventually falling unconscious. Poonam and Sumeet rush to Shlok’s aid.


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