Pandya Store 4th January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

As Dhara begins to console Chutki, the constable scolds her and tells her to be quiet. Dev asks Shweta to speak about Dhara and Chutki. Rishita asks Shweta to tell her what she has gained from being with the Pandya family. Dev says please do so. Dhara says I can console her, make me sit outside, I won’t go anywhere.

She scolds the constable. Rishita scolds Shweta. Rishita and Dev plead with Shweta. Shweta smiles. Rishita splashes cold water on her face. Dhara tells her to call Rishita once, she would be worried about Chutki. Constable tells her not to call. As Rishita gets the chilli powder, Shweta says that Dhara had come here and was stealing the picture. I got Dhara arrested, but I still don’t understand why she got Chutki, her plan was to use it against me as a shield. Rishita and Dev run away.

When they reach the police station, Rishita says Chutki is my daughter. Dev scolds Dhara. Rishita also scolds Dhara. Dhara says I didn’t know Shweta would get me trapped. Rishita disagrees.

The inspector says you can take Chiku only if Shweta takes the complaint back. Dhara says I went to make everything fine. Rishita says you should have brought Chiku with you. Dev asks if I should go home or to Shweta. She asks him to get Shweta here. Inspector asks Dev to finish his work. Dev goes. She sits crying.

Gautam says Krish, I should have told you about Dhara. Dev comes home. Gautam asks if they found Dhara, Chutki, and Rishita. As a result of Dhara’s mistake, they are at the police station today. Suman asks what she did. Gautam wants to know how this happened. Dev explains everything. Suman says you can’t do anything, I’ll go and request Shweta to take back the complaint. Gautam asks her not to go.

He tells her not to put the family in trouble for her selfish motives, Chutki is just 6 months old, what’s her mistake? Gautam apologizes. Dev disagrees. Krish says it is not good to go, Shweta will not listen to you, I have a solution, let me go. Suman says Gautam, you go to Shweta, do anything, but just get Dhara back today, I will see her.

Krish says I will try to compel her to take back the complaint. Dev asks if she will listen to you, you didn’t do the work we told you to, you sent Dhara there, I’ll break your legs. Krish comes to Shweta’s store. He says come with me to the police station and I’ll take the complaint back. She says leave my hand or else I’ll file a molestation case against you.


The nurse tells Rishita we have to get an injection for Chutki for 50000 rupees. Dev comes home and tells Dhara.

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