Meet 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

If you shoot her, they won’t go down either. The chief says you’re dead and says anyone who shoots her will be allowed to leave. Ragini says they are lying and trying to divert you. Chanda says it is a scare tactic. Meet did a lot for our safety.

Ragini is pushed forward by one of the terrorists. Everyone is giving guns to civilians to kill her, but no one accepts them. Ragini is afraid to shoot her and says to the chief, “I cannot kill her.”. The chief asks Ragini to shoot her and asks number 2 to record a video of her death. Police see a video of a girl trying to save everyone from terrorists, but we don’t know anything about her.

Chief says I’ll count from 10 to 1 and shoot you. He starts counting. Chief shouts One. Meet begins thinking about Meet Ahlawat and how much they love one another. Meet sees him and wonders why he came. Number 1 walks over to him and asks, “Where did you come from?”. Chief asks to inspect him. Number 3 finds a Sindoor box in his pocket. He mocks him.

Number 1 points a gun at him and says we didn’t see you earlier. Ahlawat says I love my wife very much, which is why I have her Sindoor. I hid in a cupboard when you entered the hospital, but I came forward when I heard we were going home after killing someone. Tell me who to shoot, and I’ll do it.

If Chief says okay, he will release you and ask him to shoot Meet. Meet Ahlawat and asks him to arm the gun. I can’t live without you, Meet Ahlawat says, so I came to save you when you were in danger. I’ll come again and again whenever you’re in danger, Meet Ahlawat thinks.

Chief says what are you whispering get back and shoot. Meet Ahlawat says I scared her. Chief says go fast and shoot her. Meet Ahlawat is asked not to shoot. Chief asks him to shoot. Meet Ahlawat shoots and the bullet hits the electricity board. Chief asks his members to turn on the lights.

Ahlawat sits down and says he’s here. Terrorists make fun of him. Chief asks number 3 to take his gun, but he can’t. We simply need to shoot her. Ahlawat apologizes to him and asks for a final chance to beg. He gives him a gun and says I’m thinking of playing a game, so he gives him a gun and points another gun at him, saying, “If you don’t shoot her, I’ll shoot you.” The game begins with one death mandatory.

As he points his gun at Meet, he shoots her. Meet falls to the ground. Chief asks number 3 to check on her. He checks her breathing and says she died. Chief asks Meet Ahlawat to pick her up and leave. As I told you, I took it from the hospital’s store room. Meet wakes up and asks where the blood packet came from.

The two hug inside the room lock as Meet Ahlawat says, “You told me what to do, so why not.”.

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