Main Hoon Saath Tere 1st June 2024 Written Episode: Aryaman’s Revelation, Janvi’s Dilemma, and Family Dynamics Unravel

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 1st June 2024 Written Episode Update on

Following Janvi’s instructions, Aryaman put Kian to sleep and welcomed her into the house. However, she expressed concern about her already damaged reputation and declined to stay with him, choosing instead to leave. When Brij Bhushan asked Raina about who had bailed out Janvi from the police station, she stated that it was Premchand. She added that it was Aryaman who had pressured Premchand to do so. Raina then pleaded with Brij Bhushan to cut Aryaman out of their lives for good. Suyesh entered and called Raina foolish for her actions.

It has been reported that the hotel has been boycotted because Suyesh made the video of Janvi getting arrested and posted it online. Suyesh tells Raina that all functions and weddings booked at their hotel have been canceled. Raina asks Brij Bhushan what the point of posting that video on the internet is. Suyesh says not to worry and that someone deleted that video. Brij Bhushan thanks God for the news.

Upon hearing that they must investigate independently, Suyesh tells Brij Bhushan. Brij Bhushan asks Suyesh to handle it. He says it’s best to do this investigation by the individual who deleted the video. Brij Bhushan agrees. Later, Suyesh revealed to Brij Bhushan that Aryaman deleted the video. Brij Bhushan is surprised to hear this, but Suyesh praises Aryaman.

Suyesh proposes that the investigation be conducted by the person who erased the video. Brij Bhushan concurs. Suyesh tells Brij Bhushan that Aryaman erased the footage. Brij Bhushan is astonished. Suyesh compliments Aryaman.

Aryaman and Muralidhar meet with the homeowner, where Aryaman expresses his interest in purchasing Janvi’s flat. The owner agrees to sell it for Rs 30 lakh. Despite Muralidhar’s objections, Aryaman insists on buying the flat because of its sentimental value for Kian. After completing the transaction, Aryaman asks the owner to register the flat under Prem Chand’s name, to which he agrees. Once inside, Aryaman finds Janvi speaking to Sadhu about their marriage plans. Upon hearing this, Sadhu praises Janvi for making the right choice and leaves.

Aryaman questions Janvi about what she said to Sadhu. Janvi claims she did not have an option. It is shown that a man approaches her and asks her to sleep with him for money. Janvi refuses. Janvi claims that the guy is lying, but no one believes her since the video shows that the guy says he wants to sleep with her.

At this point, Sadhu appears and declares his support for Janvi, promising to marry her and naming her Kian. In his apology, Sadhu apologizes to Janvi for suggesting he would marry her. Sadhu hopes that Janvi will marry him for Kian. Aryaman tells Janvi he is overjoyed for her and gives her the keys to her house. Janvi is grateful to Aryaman for his kindness.

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