Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Tara Faces Challenges and Kunal’s Support

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene unfolds with Kunal defending Tara, stating that her family is not to blame and she is not a negative influence. He refuses to let her attend the party and instead suggests booking a ground and inviting everyone there. Vandana tries to soothe him, but he becomes enraged and brands those with divorced parents as “losers.” Tara overhears this conversation and tears up, expressing her desire to attend Samaira’s birthday party. Kunal apologizes but reveals that she was not invited initially, and he will not allow her to go even if she is asked now.

Kunal says I’ll throw her a grand party. Vandana says she’s a little kid. Let me explain how to deal with this. She says we should take Tara there for a reason, and he says I don’t know. He asks what you’re saying. He says I won’t let her go, no chance. She says listen to me once. He stops her and leaves.

He said it right, Pammi says. She leaves. Mrunal booked an abortion appointment. Bobby hears this and becomes worried. In her opinion, you said you would support me and fought with Vaibhav, you got scared and said you would stay away from me, everyone already misunderstands me, I will be blamed for trapping you, Vaibhav is right, girls like me are used and thrown to hurt people.

Bobby adamantly refuses, urging them not to utter derogatory words towards both of them. She admits that she should have perished instead and is now facing the consequences of her actions. She pleads with everyone present to spare themselves from further harm and let her be alone. However, Bobby insists that his responsibility as a family member is not to cause them pain. Tara expresses her regret for distancing herself from Bobby and confesses her feelings for him but acknowledges that she cannot continue to hurt him. She declares her intention to leave and terminate her pregnancy, finding a new home for herself in the process. In an act of comfort, Vandana offers solace to Tara before she declares her desire for solitude and asks everyone to depart.

I’m going to tell Kunal everything, Bobby says. I’m coming from Mrunal’s room. Bobby says no, I went to explain Mrunal, she wants an abortion. Vandana says no, I’ll tell Kunal and Pammi. Bobby says give me one more chance. She says Mrunal will leave tomorrow. Vandana worries. Mrunal cannot be trusted, but Bobby, I hope he doesn’t hurt his mom and Pammi.

Vandana receives a parcel. Kunal arranges the party. Vedika says Tara is not at home. Kunal checks the CCTV footage. Vandana says Tara’s dress is in the empty box. Kunal says that means Tara has gone to the birthday party. Kunal and Vandana run to the party. Guards stop them, and Kunal stops him. The guard says you cannot go in without an invitation. It is our responsibility, so leave.

It turns out our daughter is missing. We think she is inside. Vandana looks for Tara. She hears Tara screaming. She sees Tara and shows Kunal. Kunal and Vandana cry. Tara calls to Samaira. Kunal and Vandana hug Tara. Tara says the guard won’t let me in, and Samaira won’t listen. Kunal says we’re with you. Why did you come here? We’re scared, too.

Kunal says we’ll go home and talk. Tara asks why she didn’t invite me. She says I’m wrong because I’m different, she says. He says no, let’s go home. Tara cries. Vandana says listen to me, Tara’s heart will cry until she goes to the party. Kunal asks why we should take Tara without inviting her. I apologize, but she needs an answer, small things make a lasting impression on your heart, you have the pain from childhood in your heart until now.

He mentioned that my questions were significant, and she agreed that this situation was crucial for Tara. He adds that he wants to bring her along to avoid offense, and they can discuss things at home. However, Vandana disagrees and believes facing things here will help Tara understand better. He expresses his concern that she may not like it, but she reassures him it’s alright. He points out how vulnerable Tara looks, but Vandana encourages him to trust himself and their daughter. She informs them that she needs to take Tara to the party as it is essential to explain Samaira’s parents. She then invites Tara to come and wish Samaira a happy birthday. Excitedly, Tara asks if it’s true, and Vandana confirms by saying yes. They all go together, and Kunal holds their hands.


Kunal holds Vandana in his arms. Music plays…

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