Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 19th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Saraswati’s Search and Vedika’s Determination

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Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 19th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Saraswati tells Kamal to give Vedika’s address to her. He thinks he doesn’t know whether or not to inform Saraswati about Vedika. He believes that he can’t raise a voice for her. At least he can do this for her. He assured her he would get the address to her. Saraswati wonders why he doesn’t ask why she is thinking about Vedika now. He says it’s not necessary. Saraswati wonders why she keeps getting her thoughts.

Vedika’s mother tells her to leave this job and the Dayanand case. Sharma says that Sagar Maheshwari has been in jail for 20 years. No one has fought for his case. She says that she doesn’t trust him. She does everything after thinking it over. Saraswati arrives at Vedika’s house. Vedika serves their plates. She thinks someone is coming.

In response to her mom’s question, Vedika ties her saree edge. Saraswati notices this and says she is doing the same thing as her mother did. As Saraswati looks around the house, she fails to spot the jar Rajeshwari gave Janvi when she was a child. She wonders if she could be her Janvi. Sharma says she doesn’t have time. Vedika says she’s adamant, like her mother.

Saraswati thinks she is getting disappointed often. She isn’t her Janvi but Vedika. Saraswati asks her when she will meet her Janvi. Vedika gets the feeling that someone has mentioned her. Saraswati thinks she is a fool. She thinks about meeting her Janvi. Vedika stops her. She offers a lift. Saraswati refuses. Vedika gives her one.

Vedika holds her closer. She assures her that she is with her. Saraswati gets emotional. She remembers the memories of her daughter. Meanwhile, Vedika contacted the law firm. She thought that she had to find out. Vedika broke the coconut sentimentally on her first day. Sagar gets hurt. Vedika thought of giving him an ice pack. He gets scared. She falls into his arms. He asks her if she is trying to impress him. She argues with him. She asks him, which case is first?

He asks her to handle the Dayalan’s case. She says it’s her case. He says she has to fight for it from this firm. He tells her that he asked her to fight it alone. He says she is capable of doing that. She can also use this form of resources. She asked him why she had hired her. He said she disturbed him since he arrived in India. The reason she roams with Koyal is because she is her friend. He asks her to work.

If his father is innocent, he doesn’t have to worry about anything. She asks him why he is bringing her in between them. He tells her to work. Vedika sent Koyal a message. Sagar is thinking about the case. He is determined to find it with Vedika, hoping to find Janvi along the way. Mayuri scolds Koyal for not focusing on business after she became Vedika’s friend.


Digvijay receives a notice from Sagar.

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