Faltu 10th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written Episode of Faltu 10th June 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

It starts with Tanu asking Ruhaan to sell the house to them. Ruhaan says Faltu asked me to help, and I agreed for Shanaya’s sake. Shanaya is attached to Faltu, and after she gets over them, they must vacate the house. As Ayaan comes home, he sees the darkness. He asks where everyone went. The lights come on. Everyone surprises him. He smiles and says, I thought you forgot my birthday. Faltu might have organized it.

She holds her ears while Faltu sings birthday songs. Savita says we will never forget your birthday. He says you are all good actors. Ayaan wishes they would always stay together. He cuts the cake. You made me wait a long time; you should compensate me later. Suhana asks them to take a selfie. Tanu, Sid, and Sumitra arrive.

Tanu and Sid wish Ayaan. She says I couldn’t arrange the gift for you. Sid says Tanu had tried to buy the house from Ruhaan, but he refused. Sumitra asks Ayaan if we have become strangers. Govind asks her to leave.

As Fatu invites them to eat, Ruhaan recalls his father’s birthday, the goons beating him, and he says Janardhan, your family will cry just like mine, and my parents did. I will not be here tomorrow, but I want you to support Faltu, and help us achieve her dream. They all agree. Tomorrow is Faltu and Shanaya’s first day at the academy, and I won’t be here.

I won’t repeat my mistake, Faltu will play cricket, her dream is now our dream, and we will cheer for you. Faltu worries. Ayaan says he will wait for you. Janardhan says sorry, both of you did a lot for us. He sees the decorations and Faltu says I must make something special for you, I’m making your favourite cake, we had made daal baati together. He nods. Tu hai to mujhe phir…plays… They romance and bake a cake.

As Faltu packs her bags in the morning, she sees Ayaan sleeping. She thinks forgive me, I’m going to break my promise. Her tears fall on his hand. He wakes up and sees her. He asks what’s wrong. He says it’s your first day at the academy, you don’t think about the last day, it was bad. She says you’ll be gone for five days. He cheers her up. She says you’re late; I need to leave as well.

He says you got the admission on merit, but this time, you have to work a lot and get selected in state trials. He gives her a T-shirt with her name written on it. She says it’s special for me. He said I could have dropped you, but I had to work. I can manage, it’s hard for you to work there as an employee, and we’ll work hard to regain control.

She says everyone loves Faltu a lot, everyone wants her all the time. Ruhaan takes Shanaya and Faltu. She asks why you are upset, I thought you would be excited. She knows to sacrifice for her family, she agreed to play for you, and everyone loves her. She is so good, she has become your fan, and you have become her fan. Faltu is the best, Shanaya says. I love you, Faltu.


Ayaan joins the academy as the new coach, and Faltu asks Shanaya to wear the mask.

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