Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

‘Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ 2nd April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The next day, Virat finds Paakhi’s sorry notes all over his room. Paakhi apologizes to him and says she did it out of fear of losing him and Vinu. Vanraj says he has something to share with her.

When Paakhi holds his hand, she says even she wants to tell him something. He told her they befriended them when they attended Vinu and Savi’s school picnic. She wants him back and doesn’t want to lose him. He can call their relationship whatever he wants, but he will never leave her. He asks her what he wanted to say.

Then Vinu walks in and asks Paakhi to give him something to eat. He notices sorry notes and asks what they are for. Virat thinks about how to tell her he wants to break up with her but has to do so for the betterment of everyone. By filing a case against his doctor aunty, Paakhi says she made a mistake and apologized to her, and she is apologizing to his baba, too.

Then Virat thinks about how to tell Paakhi he wants to break up with her. Vinu asks Virat if he will forgive Mamma. Virat nods yes. Vinu jumps in happiness and asks Paakhi to serve him something. Paakhi walks away. Virat thinks about how to break up with her.

In the course of cooking, Satya recalls Sai’s words and remembers Girija’s poison consumption when her parents opposed their relationship. After reaching her, her father forbids him from approaching her and humiliates him by telling him he will never let a cheap danger’s son marry his daughter without knowing where his father is. Girija dies in front of Satya.

The next day, he imagines Girija asking him to stop hurting himself, since she is no longer there to take care of him. Girija suggests that Satya should release her and pursue a relationship with another girl. However, Satya firmly states that he has no intention of moving on with anyone else. Amba observes him and becomes concerned.

The relationship between Virat and Paakhi is meaningless, and he has never loved her, which is why he practices telling her that he wants to break up with her. The weight of dead relationships is the heaviest weight in life, he says, and he can’t carry it anymore. Then, he thinks about how to explain all this to Paakhi. Virat says he is fine. Saavi takes him out. Satya’s grandma notices workers pounding masalas slowly and tells them to be faster. She notices Amba crying in the kitchen.

She can’t see her son sad and lost in himself. Grandma says love can’t be forgotten so easily, so Satya will continue to be in sorrow until a new girl walks into their lives. Sai walks into their house.

Upon entering the kitchen, Saavi asks Virat to be a chef with her and Vinu. Virat asks who arranged this. Paakhi walks in and says it was her idea, he wanted to spend time with his children. She asks if he is happy. He says yes. Sai covers her face because of the strong masala smell.

Confused as an employee she instructs Sai to quickly grind the spices without allowing her to speak. Paakhi takes on the role of teaching Saavi how to make sandwiches, for which Saavi expresses her gratitude. Paakhi assures Saavi that there’s no need for thanks since she considers her like a mother. Despite Virat believing that Paakhi is attempting to salvage their relationship, he struggles with how to express his desire to end it.

Ashwini informs Bhavani that Paakhi used to despise Saavi, but now she’s teaching her how to cook as if she were her own daughter. Satya’s aunt reprimands her and denies her the opportunity to speak. Just then, Satya’s sister Maddy enters the scene, calling Satya on her phone. The aunt assumes he must be nearby. Maddy dials Satya’s number, and the sound emanates from her bag. Sai unveils her true identity as Sai, not Durga, and presents the phone as evidence.

Paakhi tells Virat that she wants a fresh start with him. Virat says that he will not be able to stay with her and wants Sai to be his life partner again. He excitedly calls Sai while opening the door

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