Faltu 14th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Tanisha says that it was my sindoor that fell down, so come, I’ll get it cleaned. He goes. She scolds Faltu. Tanisha says she does not grant you a right to apply the sindoor of my husband’s name. Faltu says I am just concerned for his safety, I get random thoughts since he met with an accident.

She cries and cleans the sindoor. She says she is hurt that I cannot apply sindoor. She talks to Matarani. She says I cannot accept Tanisha’s word. She says I feel like Faltu’s friend, not mine. Sid asks what I did, I told you the reason for the lunch making, I wanted to help you.

You are hiding something from me, you secretly helped Faltu, do you like her, did she trap you as well? He laughs and asks, what is this nonsense, you are linking me to Faltu. He says why? She asks who? He says you. She asks what you mean. He says I can’t lose my best friend, your happiness matters to me, I’m helping myself as well, I’m trying my best, you’re hiding things from me, I didn’t expect that.

‘Sorry, Mom asked me not to share this with anyone. Promise to tell you everything next time.’ Tanisha says. Sid says it’s okay. He thinks you hid it once, you will hide it again. The man says he knows what happened at the temple that night, who applied the sindoor in Faltu’s maang. Ayaan asks who he is. The man says he is your friend. Wait for my next call.

Sid ends the call. Sumitra says wow, my son is so talented. Sid says I am talented, the fun is in revealing the secret slowly. She agrees. Tanisha asks Ayaan what happened, you seem stressed. He says I got a call from an unknown man saying he knows Faltu, who had applied sindoor on him. She worries. He says don’t know, who could it be, Pappi?

Sid asks what happened. She says that I cannot tell anyone else. An unknown person called Ayaan and said he knew who applied sindoor to Faltu. You’re doubting me again, great. She says no, it could be Pappi. He says no, it can’t be Pappi, maybe that person wants to blackmail Ayaan. She says maybe Faltu did this, I don’t trust her.

Ayaan gets Kinshuk’s message and asks him why he’s calling. Kinshuk shares his problem. Ayesha should’ve been with me on Valentine’s Day, but she was with her parents. Then Faltu says aunty ji has sent ice cream for you all. Kinshuk thanks her. Ayaan turns away. Faltu gives them ice cream.

Kinshuk says Valentines Day is tomorrow, tell me how to make it special. Sid says just party, and Kinshuk says boring. We have no sense now that Sid and I are single, and Suhana says his parties are never boring. Ayaan says this is Tanisha and my first official Valentine’s Day, and I will make it special for us.

Kinshuk says Ayaan will plan the party for Tanisha and us. Ayaan agrees. Sid says he will give you the truth about Faltu’s indoor. Tanisha says she doubts Faltu. Kanika says right, she can do anything. The servant asks Faltu to help him inflate the balloons. Kanika comes up with an idea.

She says Ayaan is developing hatred towards Faltu, he is getting close to you. Tanisha says he is doing this to make Faltu jealous, not because he loves her. Tanisha says the hatred is based on an illusion she is creating on our behalf. Kanika asks her not to worry. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s words. Suhana asks about her boyfriend. Faltu recalls Ayaan.

Ayaan says it’s good he told me, we have to end his love for Faltu and prove her a liar. I will show her real status, confess my love to Ayaan, and present him with an expensive gift.

In the village, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so one should express love every day if there is love. Faltu says that cricket is her only love. Suhana asks if you’ve ever been in love. Faltu says no.

It looks good when someone makes you feel special on a particular day, but you won’t understand, since you never fell in love.


Her inner self argues with her. She cries for Ayaan.

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