Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2023 Written Update

She keeps trying to call when Dida explains it is very strange as they always get bad news after a good event happens to their family, so she wonders if something is wrong with them. Pallavi calls Rhea who answers the phone, asking why Rhea didn’t answer her call and if everyone is okay.

Rhea explains that Ranbir is still stuck in the lift and the technician assured him he would free them both, Pallavi asks if anyone else is with him, and Rhea replies that Prachi is stuck with Ranbir. She assures Akshay and his father are just outside the life, and Akshay promises to make sure he keeps both safe.

Rhea asks if Pallavi is still on the call so she assures her that she will do everything she can to protect them. When Pallavi assures Rhea she shouldn’t lose hope, she starts crying, since she will be the only one to take care of Ranbir and so Pallavi asks Rhea to bring Ranbir home safe and sound, saying that she is passing the responsibility of Ranbir on to her.

Rhea assures Ranbir and Prachi that she will not allow anything to happen to them and that she will protect them both. Rhea again tries to call Ranbir, but the phone is not connecting, so she prays to Bhagwan for help.

While crying, Prachi keeps asking if he is by her side to support her, as he is unable to say anything and begins to cry himself as well. Both Prachi and Ranbir stare at each other, and Prachi says life is really weird because things happen that they have never even thought about while their desires don’t get fulfilled.

She does not even want to see him, but he is standing right in front of her, and even she feels life would end looking at him. Ranbir agrees with Prachi, explaining he wanted to see her and meet her. When Prachi looks back at Ranbir, who is still weeping, she asks what the reason is, and he replies he wanted to argue and fight with her. He had a lot to say to her, but none of it was completed.

He can say whatever he wants right now because he might not get the time after today. Ranbir asks her to let it go since he never had enough time with her to show how much he loves her. He suddenly stops and tries to explain how much he wants to talk with her, Ranbir thinks he wants to apologize to her, and Prachi too thinks she wants to apologize for not telling him she is alive,

He apologizes to Prachi for not coming to him, and he thinks that if she forgives him, he might be able to die peacefully even though he could not live with her. Both Ranbir and Prachi try to describe what they are feeling but are unable to do anything, Prachi hugs Ranbir tightly when the lift once again starts moving, they both feel tense, but they keep hugging each other in order to maintain morale.

The last time has come, so they will die together even if they can’t live as a family. Prachi doesn’t want to be apart from him, so she is going to be with him for the rest of her life. As well, Ranbir believes they will not leave each other in the next world, as they keep hugging each other tightly.

When Akshay asks Prachi to lie down, Ranbir and Prachi are shocked, but Prachi gets worried asking why is he saying this, he explains that he read somewhere that lying down would be good in case the lift breaks. Prachi keeps asking him questions, irritating him, so he pulls her closer, and she falls on him.

He panics and tells the technician that the lift isn’t stopping; the technician explains they have to stop the lift at any floor if they rush to cut the wire. She asks Ranbir what he feels when she is in front of him, and he replies he feels good when she is at his side, they might stay together after death.

She apologizes to Ranbir for not being with him, he apologizes to her for leaving when she needed him most. She explains that Panchi would have been with them today. After a while, Ranbir stares at Prachi who is trying to say something. He asks her hesitantly to move aside otherwise he would die of suffocation.

They both get up in the lift and also try to open it, Akshay yells to Prachi assuring her not to worry as they are just outside, Rhea tells Ranbir she is right here, and finally, they manage to rush out. Everyone is super excited, Rhea hugs Ranbir, and Akshay is even relieved that Prachi is okay. Akshay picks up the paper and asks if they saw it. Mr Ashok says they should focus on the children at this time.

Ranbir thinks this is reality as he was just a moment ago thinking he and Prachi were together, but the truth is she belongs to Akshay, while he belongs to Rhea. Akshay hugs Prachi after he asks if she is fine, explaining that they got scared.

While Ranbir tries to refuse her, Rhea insists she comes with her since they are going home. Aside from asking Akshay to drop Prachi off at home, Mr Ashok also asks Akshay to do so. She assures him she can go by herself, but Akshay doesn’t listen and takes her hand and starts walking in the opposite direction, both of them looking back.

Dolly says that she is also unable to reach them hearing that they plan to go check on the children in the office, Pallavi asks Maa if she can reach them, and Dida replies that she cannot reach them either.

Dida’s sister explains that she’s searched the entire internet and lifts are really advanced now. Upon hearing the doorbell, Pallavi rushes to open the door thinking it was Ranbir. However, it was Vikram who entered the house asking what happened to him, Pallavi informed him that Ranbir was stuck in the lift of their office.

In shock, Vikram tries to contact Ranbir, but his phone doesn’t work, so he calls Rhea. Rhea assures him that nothing has happened to Ranbir and turns on the speaker so they can talk.

Vikram also places his phone on speaker mode, and Pallavi immediately asks Ranbir if he is fine. Ranbir assures her that nothing has happened to him and that he is on his way back. Pallavi begins crying, explaining that she gave Rhea the opportunity to bring back Ranbir and she believes that her steps are always good for them, stopping any problems that their family is experiencing.

After Dadi’s sister suggests Pallavi make her steps match those of Lakshmi for their house, Pallavi starts thinking about getting married to Ranbir.

As Akshay asks Prachi and his family why they act differently after hearing Ranbir’s name, Prachi says, “Me and Ranbir…

It’s okay, I’m all right. Do you want me to cry too? Ranbir hugs Rhea.

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