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Kumkum Bhagya 4th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Manpreet suggesting that Akshay should have a conversation with Ranbir and make a decision later. She assures Mihika that Akshay loves her because she is his sister. Mihika takes Ranbir aside and asks him if he is married. Ranbir replies with a no and explains that he was previously married, but his wife left him. Mihika shares that her boyfriend also left her.

Vishaka intervenes, suggesting that they continue their conversation later, and asks Prachi to welcome them. Prachi approaches Ranbir and Mihika, performing their tilak and aarti. Ranbir accepts the aarti. Vishaka instructs them to enter by placing their right feet inside. Divya and Neha bring the Kalash and mention that Mihika wanted to perform this ritual. Prachi stops them and explains that this is the grah pravesh ceremony, traditionally performed by the bride after her marriage, as marriage is a lifelong commitment.

Ranbir remarks, “Just like Akshay and your marriage.” Prachi responds confidently, “Certainly when I came here, I kicked the Kalash and entered. Vishaka agrees, stating that this is a ritual, not a game. She clarifies that Ranbir is our prospective son-in-law, not the actual son-in-law yet. She asks Prachi to pick up the Kalash, and Prachi complies. Vishaka then instructs them to enter, and they proceed inside.

Akshay approaches Ranbir, expressing his desire to ask him something. Ranbir anticipates the questioning, acknowledging that many people here have doubts about him. Ashok queries, “Why didn’t you call us?” Ranbir apologizes, saying he couldn’t call. Akshay inquires about his wife. Mihika exclaims, “What? He just arrived!” Ashok interjects, suggesting they discuss it later. He explains that Ranbir will be staying with them for a few days, as they were unaware that he was the guy they were expecting. Mihika adds that she, too, was unaware.

They invite Ranbir to come inside and stay in the guest room. Divya mentions that they have also prepared a dance. Ranbir expresses his joy to Mihika, grateful that her family has accepted him, at least until they change their minds. He expresses his desire to dance and seeks permission from Prachi and Akshay. Mihika instructs the dhol players to play the music loudly.

Ranbir begins dancing, accompanied by Mihika. Abhay, Divya, and Neha join them in the dance. Prachi watches, feeling a sense of sadness. Later, in the room, Prachi approaches Akshay and urges him to speak up. She confesses her worry about his current state and asks him to give Mihika a chance. Prachi emphasizes that Akshay doesn’t truly know Ranbir and can’t trust him.

He informs Prachi about Mihika’s tendency to become aggressive in love and mentions that she can sometimes engage in unthinkable actions. He expresses his intention to inquire with Ranbir about his previous marriage and his first wife. Prachi asks why he wants to know. Akshay responds that it’s important to determine if Ranbir is trustworthy or not. He then asks Prachi about her feelings towards Ranbir. Prachi asks what she should say.

Akshay suggests that she listen to her heart and share what she truly feels when she looks at Ranbir. Prachi admits that she feels Ranbir is not the same as he appears. Akshay questions why she feels this way. Prachi explains that she perceives Ranbir as a playboy or philanderer.

Mihika confides in Ranbir, expressing her concerns that her brother is doubting her and seeking a genuine partner for her. She wonders if he doubts her sister-in-law as well. Ranbir assures her that her sister-in-law is good and mentions that he needs to make a phone call. Mihika decides to talk to Prachi and asks her not to doubt their relationship. Akshay, understanding Ranbir as a man, questions Prachi’s opposition to him. Prachi, as a woman, claims to understand and defend her stance. Akshay dismisses her understanding, considering her naive and unaware of Mihika’s flaws. Prachi advises that sometimes it’s necessary to overlook people’s flaws and focus on their positive traits. She reminds Akshay that Mihika is his own sister, and that they should see the good in her rather than her flaws. Akshay acknowledges her point but intends to have a conversation with Ranbir and Mihika to ascertain the truth and determine if Mihika has a new plan. He leaves.


Prachi urges Mihika to consider Akshay’s perspective and acknowledges his protective nature towards her. Mihika accuses Prachi of maligning Ranbir. Prachi asserts that both Akshay and she know Ranbir well.

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