Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 21st June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 – 21st June 2023 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins with Yuvraj noticing Priya’s presence. Priya assures Anju to remain calm, stating that Yuvraj is just a guest and won’t cause any trouble. She informs Anju that she has already warned him, and everything is under control. Priya mentioned that she was thinking of going to the clinic to get a simple mehndi design. Anju questions if Priya has changed since she went to the hospital and informs her that the Mehndi artist has arrived to apply the Mehndi. Anju insists that Priya should go and get it done.

Ram enters the scene, and Shardul playfully teases him. Priya compliments Ram on his kurta, saying he is also impressing his in-laws. Shalini calls Priya to join the mehndi shagun. Priya takes her seat, but accidentally burns her hand with a candle, causing everyone to worry. Ram suggests going to the doctor, but Priya reassures them that she’s fine. Ram takes care of her, and Shalini observes with a smile. Priya tells them not to worry and assures them that it’s not a big deal. Shalini asks Sandeep to take note of Ram’s concern for Priya.

Meanwhile, Shreya expresses concern that the ritual might be cancelled due to Priya’s burnt hand, as it would be challenging to apply the shagun mehndi. Anju suggests that they can apply mehndi to Priya’s uninjured hand instead. Prakash proposes to go back home, believing that the mehndi ritual won’t take place that day. However, Ram intervenes and declares that the mehndi will be applied that day. Everyone stops and listens to him. Ram suggests that Mehndi should be applied to both his and Priya’s hands. Shalini happily agrees, and Ram sits beside Priya. Everyone smiles, and the song “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain” plays in the background.

Ram and Priya extend their hands for the Mehndi application. Shalini remarks that their hands and hearts are now united, signifying an auspicious moment. Ram requests the mehndi artist to incorporate a design symbolizing true love in one corner. Kriti smiles at the gesture, and Shalini says she is already with him. Ram jokes about his love for pizza, stating that he can’t live without it. This elicits laughter from everyone. Shalini suggests the mehndi artist draw a pizza on Ram’s hand, which delights him. The crowd applauds, and the song “Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali” plays as everyone dances.

Shreya discusses her plan for a party that includes alcohol, claiming that not everyone can handle it. She shares her strategy with Kriti, unaware that Yuvraj is listening in and plotting to break Ram and Priya’s relationship. Meanwhile, Priya prepares coffee for Sandeep and shares a heartfelt moment with him. Sandeep expresses his trust in Priya’s choice, but she acknowledges that it’s difficult to guarantee anyone’s intentions, drawing from her past experience with Yuvraj. However, she firmly believes that Ram will never hurt her. Sandeep thanked her for her reassurance.

The cousins plan a bachelor’s party, and Alekha and Shardul express their support for Ram, knowing the reality of his marriage. Alekha decides not to attend the party due to a prior commitment, encouraging Shardul to be there with Ram. Yuvrajoverhears their conversation and expresses his intention to make Ram enjoy the party. However, Ram initially refuses, stating that he is exhausted and cannot participate. Eventually, everyone convinces him to join the celebration.

Ritika informs Priya that Ram and his cousins are planning a bachelor’s party. Priya finds it amusing and comments on Ram’s behaviour, considering their marriage is fake. Ritika teases Priya, calling her boring. Kriti wonders if their plan will be successful, and Shreya assures her that everything will work out as long as they stick together.


Sandeep complains to Priya about Ram and declares that he will not allow her to marry him.

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