Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 5th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 5th July 2023 Written Episode on

During the episode, Rani Maa welcomes Swati as her bahu. Shiv stops Swati’s grahpravesh. Raghu says I don’t want any drama. Shiv says grahpravesh is the elder bahu’s right. Raghu says I don’t want any drama. Upon hearing that Surilii has done a lot of preparation, Rani Maa says, “Don’t cover her mistake, I won’t mock the traditions. Call Surilii.”

Surilii declares that she will go, upon Inspector’s urging to be dropped off. Ambitai tightly embraces Samar and breaks out in tears; apologizing for shielding Shiv against the bullet. He vowed that the Barot family would suffer due to his machinations, not willing to let Rani Maa die so easily. Rani inquires if Monty could reveal anything, which Ambitai quickly dismissed with a firm no-one would listen to him. He then destroyed the sim card, effectively closing this chapter permanently and ensuring that there was nothing more Monty could do.

Swati asks, “Did you marry me just to make me endure insults?” How much longer must I wait at the door?” Raghu says sorry, Rani Maa taunts Shiv about Surilii’s absence. Swati says her life’s greatest day was spoiled, she doesn’t care about rasam anymore. Swati rushes with the rituals. Rani Maa does their aarti, Shiv calls Surilii, and Rani Maa blesses Raghu and Swati.

She asks Shiv what the police are doing here when he sees Surilii. Veera says the police have arrived with Surilii. Rani Maa asks what is happening here, why did you come with the police. Surilii says I went to the police station. Rani Maa asks why you went there. The inspector says we had taken care of her and she came to meet Monty, so you can ask her. He asks for a selfie with Rani Maa.

Rani Maa gives a nod. Taking a selfie with Shiv and Rani Maa, the person expresses his gratitude. He then requests their recommendation to IG Sir before taking his leave. The two elders are then left alone, with Rani Maa scolding Surilii for being connected with Monty in any way and Shiv defending her saying that she was only trying to discover the cause of Monty’s attempted offence against him; apologizing for getting the police involved, Surilii promises to abide by rules henceforth.

There is still a threat on our family, media is around to make news, so Mom’s anger was justified this time. Swati thanks Surilii for taking over her marriage. She leaves.

It is Rai Maa’s desire for Shiv to open his eyes and think, and he leaves. Surilii worries. Raghu compliments Swati. He says you’ve made me wait a long time. She says I’m too tired, let me go and sleep. He asks what do you mean, I know you’re upset, have I done anything wrong? Despite Surilii, I did not receive a good welcome here. I’m worried, I need some rest, good night.

Raghu says we got married today, this night is important to a newlywed couple, can we forget everything and please make it better.

Then he kisses her forehead and leaves. Samar is in pain. He says fine, I’m going, I understand your anger, I’m sorry, I’ll see you later. Previously, the Barots were proud of their respect and reputation, but now the media is staining it, and they are scurrying around like scary cats. Shiv saved Shiv, but I shattered his family. Shiv asks Samar what you shattered. Shiv asks him to speak.

Samar reveals, “The goon who attempted to kill you caused chaos at Raghu’s wedding celebration.” Shiv expresses concern that the incident might have disrupted Raghu’s marriage, and acknowledges the strong bond that has developed between them – from being business associates to becoming like brothers. Shiv recognizes that in the world of business, both enmity and friendship can arise, and he feels fortunate to have found a genuine friend in Samar. Shiv expresses gratitude to Samar for assisting in saving his mother.

He is in jail, you take care, get well soon, who told you his name is Monty, you fainted and didn’t come out; Ambitai is worried about Monty. Samar says it’s fine, it was my duty, what’s Monty’s problem with you all, he came here. Shiv says don’t worry, he is in jail, you take care, get well soon.


It seems the enemy of the house is in this house. Maan asks Jignesh if he gave his ID to someone. Surilii gets the ear pods. Samar says the Barot family will go insane.

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