Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 23rd August 2023 Written Episode on

During the episode, Rani Maa advises Surilii. She claims Roshni has come here to make you out, you see the world with goodness, but not everyone is as good as you, see the truth. It is proven today that Sasumaa is also a Maa, and she says she is confident I will remove the thorns from my path. Roshni comes for breakfast.

She says she’s better now. Rani Maa says it’s Surili’s chair, you can’t sit there. Roshni thinks I’ll take this place soon. She says sorry, I didn’t know that. Surilii comes and greets them all. She asks Roshni how she’s feeling today. She greets them all.

Mohit asks Shiv for food. Surilii says I promise. Roshni and Shiv try to feed Mohit. Raghav and Swati arrive. Sam says donuts have passed, and you must eat oats and poha. Raghav argues. Samar watches. Rani Maa asks Raghav to sit and have food. Raghav refuses. Swati says I have no respect here, how can I expect her child not to misbehave with my child if Surilii can slap me in front of everyone without anyone telling her anything?

You didn’t say anything yesterday, Raghav says. Rani Maa says don’t make a big deal about it. Shiv asks what you mean. Raghav says we want a division, this family is divided. Samar says yes, good…. You said division, you forgot your roots. Raghav asks how dare Surilii raise her hand on Swati.

She scolds him. Samar enjoys the drama. Rani Maa says Swati told a lot of bad things about Mohit without knowing the truth, I would have slapped her before Surilii if I knew the truth, so you should support Surilii and scold Swati for saving the family. Raghav says Shiv… Shiv says stop it.

Shiv stops her and says she is my wife, the eldest bahu of this house, watch your manners. Swati says let the division happen, you are supporting Surilii. Raghav asks if you will also slap Swati like your wife, I can also raise my hand. Shiv raises his hand and stops. Raghav says you can slap me as before.

Suriilii says stop it, Swati and I can fix this, please. I promised Swati’s mom I’d take care of her and guide her, I treat Swati like Sasha, I’m sorry I forgot yesterday about my limits. In Swati’s view, I’m not your sister, you don’t have the right to reform me, you aren’t the only one who owns this palace, I have a right too, if you’re Shiv’s wife, then I’m Raghav’s wife.

Samar expresses concern about the house potentially falling apart. Surilii promptly apologizes to her for something. Swati urges Surilii to apologize again, this time by folding her hands. Rani Maa inquires about what is happening. Shiv interrupts and says it’s not necessary, as everything is fine. Surilii explains that she doesn’t mind showing humility when it comes to building a strong relationship with someone like Samar. She directs her apology towards Swati, acknowledging that her behavior towards Mohit was inappropriate and she regrets it. Samar remarks positively on Surilii’s statement. However, Swati shows indifference and leaves the room.Raghav then chimes in, addressing Shiv as his brother and proposing a gradual division of their shared assets like the palace, office, and factory instead of an immediate separation.

Roshni asks Mohit to have food. He says Shiv isn’t my dad, you are my mum, Shiv is Surili’s husband, Champ’s father. Samar says it’s the beginning of the end for this family. Mohit leaves.

Surilii says it’s not anyone’s fault. Rani Maa says your pain reminded me of the old wound, I know you’re breaking inside.


Samar and Roshni join forces to ruin Shiv and Roshni’s relationship after Shiv gets angry and hurts himself.


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