Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st July 2023 written episode update on

The Episode begins with Maan inquiring about Swati’s whereabouts. Samar replies that she is currently cooking for him. Maan reprimands him for his deceitful actions and declares his intention to expose the truth. In response, Samar proceeds to pour kerosene around the area. Despite being threatened, Maan remains determined to reveal Samar’s true nature as a cheater and a traitor. However, Samar reminds him to speak with respect as they are brothers and reveals his identity as Samar Chandra Bhaan Barot, the eldest stepbrother and rightful heir of the family. This revelation leaves Maan in shock while Veera searches for him in panic. Upon learning that Maan has left the palace, she frantically runs after him. Meanwhile, Maan refuses to believe Samar’s claims and accuses them of being lies. But Samar stands by his words and confirms that he is truly Suchitra’s son before Maan breaks down in tears.

Samar expresses his distress, revealing that his mother endured insults, threats, and danger due to her love for Chandrabhaan. This unfortunate situation was caused by Damayanti’s actions. As Shiv and Surilii make their way, Shiv contacts Veera, instructing her to safeguard everything. Veera reassures him and promises to fulfil her duty of protecting the family. However, Shiv notices a change in Maan’s behaviour and suspects something is amiss. Maan apologizes to Samar, acknowledging the wrong done to him as his older brother. He assures him that they will fight for his rights but acknowledges that it cannot bring back his past or his mother. Samar realizes that revenge is the only solution and vows to make Damayanti pay for her actions. As Shiv speeds up, Surilii asks him to slow down while Veera searches for Maan’s location.

Samar, you have a pure heart. Unfortunately, the good ones often have to make sacrifices. It is out of my hands, it is destiny. I understand that none of this is your fault. You are Damayanti’s son after all. Samar sets fire to the room. As Maan struggles with the smoke, Samar reassures him that everything will be okay and reminds him that they are brothers. Surilii prays for their family’s safety while Rani Maa wakes up and calls out for Maan in distress. In a calculated move, Samar burns Maan’s asthma pump and apologizes, asking for forgiveness and explaining that he is doing this for his mother. He believes that this will wash away one of his seven sins. With desperation, Rani Maa calls out for Maan’s help once again.

Maan also tries to call Veera. She calls Shiv. Veera worries. She calls Shiv. Surilii and Shiv reach Ranak. They see the chaos. Maan says our enemy is between us. Veera sees Maan’s car. He runs inside the godown. Maan is inside the fire ring. Samar tells him Veera has arrived. Veera and Samar fight. Samar beats him.

In a flash, Shiv announces that the car broke down. The police arrive just in time. Shiv says we can stay safe in the old factory. They rush. Samar is stabbed by Veera. Veera runs to save Maan. Veera lifts Maan and takes him.

Samar halts Veera while Swati sneaks up from behind and stabs him, leaving him taken aback. Samar boldly declares that he is indestructible and that both Veera and Damayanti Barot share responsibility for his mother’s death. He threatens them both, demanding that they apologize to his deceased mother before taking their last breaths. Veera meets his end and Samar cannot help but gloat in triumph. Later on, Shiv and Surilii arrive at the factory where they find Maan and Veera’s lifeless bodies lying on the ground. In the morning, Rani Maa receives a frantic call from Shiv informing her of Veera and Maan’s disappearance. She is shocked by this news as she rushes downstairs to investigate. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that only one dead body has been found, leading Samar to question where Maan could be hiding if he truly told Shiv everything about their scheme. Because if this turns out to be true, then all of Samar’s plans will have been for nothing.


Rani Maa blames Shiv and Surilii and says Maan is fighting for his life. Samar says he will see Maan. Shiv stops Samar and says no one is allowed to see him without my permission. Swati cries and is about to confess her crime to Raghav as Samar watches.

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