Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 9th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 9th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene opens with Surilii having a conversation with Pammi over the phone. After hanging up, she rushes over to Rani Maa and embraces her. With gratitude, Surilii expresses her appreciation towards Rani Maa and reassures her that both of them will be promoted to the titles of Nani and Dadi respectively. Excitedly, they both share their joy in this news. Surilii then turns to Maan and hopes for his speedy recovery so he can become the baby’s favorite uncle. Turning back to Rani Maa and Pammi, she asks if they are happy with the news. Maan manages to move his finger, indicating his happiness. Pammi too expresses her happiness about this big news and even offers free cupcakes and coffee to celebrate. Touched by the good news, Rani Maa hugs Surilii while shedding tears of joy. It’s official – Surilii is pregnant! The entire family showers her with congratulations.

Rani Maa expresses her gratitude for the good news and the progress of her family. There has been much sorrow in our lives, but I am confident that this little angel’s happiness will bring healing to all. Rani Maa also shares her belief in protecting the baby from any negative forces. She acknowledges that you have broken all rules, and assures you not to worry about anything as she will take care of everything. She encourages you to rest, eat well, and take care of the baby. Pammi overhears this conversation and bursts into tears of joy. Rani Maa regrets not getting to know you sooner due to her own personal troubles, and she is proud of Shiv’s choice in you. Pammi prays earnestly, grateful to have found a mother figure in Rani Maa.

Rani Maa inquires, “Did you inform Shiv about the good news?” Surilii responds, “Unfortunately, he didn’t answer my call.” Rani Maa offers, “I’ll make sure to tell him then.” Surilii interjects, “Actually…” Rani Maa realizes, “Oh, you want to share the happy news with him?” Meanwhile, Shiv is reminded of Roshni’s words and decides to leave work. Mohit embraces Roshni and checks on her wellbeing. She confirms that she’s fine and shares that Shiv has left for home. While driving, Shiv expresses his thoughts aloud, confessing that he had many plans for fatherhood but can’t seem to share his joy with anyone. He sheds tears before noticing multiple missed calls from Surili and returning her call.

She asks why you sound stressed. Is your friend okay now? He says he is a bit tired. She says take a break, come back home soon. He says yes, I miss you. She says we all miss you. Surilii speaks on the phone. He says he’ll tell Surilii everything. Surilii is on the phone. Swati looks on and says what happened to her. The fresh flowers are exciting. She says something is wrong.

Roshni meets Shiv. He apologizes to Mohit. Surilii decorates the flower vase. She gets hurt by a thorn. Mohit is my son, I accept my responsibility, and he will stay with me until you get the operation done and recover. Mohit asks her about his dad. She lies. Shiv and Roshni discuss the matter until the morning. She says nothing changes. Mohit asks her about his dad. She lies to him.

Mohit expresses his dislike for Papa, while Shiv silently observes. She reiterates her previous statement that Mohit simply dislikes his father. Surilii creates a collage of photos and suggests that the baby should resemble its father. Samar interrupts her and she questions why he was in her room. He explains he was on his way to the library and apologizes before leaving. She receives a call and he departs. Shiv ponders why Samar has not returned from Mumbai even though his meetings are over, sensing something is amiss. Samar questions why she told Mohit that he hates him and she clarifies that they have differing beliefs, causing Mohit to miss his father and harbor negative feelings towards him. He urges her to undergo tests, but she requests time to contemplate before giving an answer by the evening, after which he will decide on a course of action.

Swati watches as Rani Maa and Surilii talk. Surilii says I was thinking of going to Mumbai and telling him the good news, I will get him back. Swati says okay. Samar says this is too much. She says Rani Maa pampered her a lot. He asks are you sure. She says I heard it. He says I have to find out. Shiv says I will make a call and come. Mohit says okay. Shiv calls Surilii and asks whether everything is okay. She packs her clothes and asks if everything is okay.

Ranak and me are forgotten, she says. He says I got busy at work, she says I joking, I’m your wife. She calls. They say I’ve got something to tell you, but meeting you will help. She says no, come after a day, he says. Mohit goes to Shiv. Surilii says I love you Shiv. Mohit asks Shiv to come. She says I’m coming to Mumbai with the good news, you’ll be shocked. Shiv believes I’ll tell her everything about Mohit and Roshni.


Surili’s café is where Roshni and Shiv meet. Shiv sees Roshni with Surilii.

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