Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Shiv bringing Mohit back home after their outing. Mohit expresses his enjoyment of the day and Roshni immediately sends him off to do his homework. She then brings up the tests and treatment, revealing her concerns for Mohit’s well-being. While grateful that Shiv will take care of him, she adds a condition – he must promise not to reveal to Mohit that he is his father. Shiv agrees to all her conditions, but she insists on explaining her reasoning first. Roshni believes it is the most practical approach, and Shiv assures her that nothing will happen to her. In case something were to happen, she wants him to adopt Mohit; however, if she survives, this truth must remain a secret between them.

He firmly states that he cannot cheat on his wife. She has every right to know the truth. However, she expresses her doubts about trusting Shiv’s wife as Mohit is also her son. Shiv counters by saying that Mohit is his son as well and questions why she is imposing such a condition. She reminds him of his celebrity status and warns him to consider the consequences if the media were to find out. As a lover, she has already forgiven him, but if any harm comes to her or Mohit, she will not hesitate to ruin him. She asks for his agreement. Shiv sheds tears and regrets that he will be an unfortunate father who cannot officially claim his own son. Nevertheless, he swears on Mohit that he will keep their secret safe and hide it from everyone, including his wife. Understanding her concern for Mohit’s well-being, he thanks her for being understanding and agrees with her plans to get paternity tests done the following day. After she leaves, Shiv continues crying.

Upon Surilii’s return home, Pammi warmly greets her with an aarti. After inquiring about Diya and Sasha, Surilii learns that they have already left for school. Pammi then informs her daughter that she has prepared Surilii’s favorite dish. Eager to surprise Shiv, Surilii calls Bandish to inquire about his schedule. Graciously, he promises to send it soon as he informs her that Shiv is currently busy in Mumbai. Meanwhile, Roshni is en route to the hospital and sends Shiv a message. However, upon learning their driver had gotten a flat tire, she decides to wait at the café while the issue is resolved. In the meantime, Surilii also happens to be at the same café where her mother encourages her to rest rather than jumping straight into work. Shortly after, Roshni joins them and orders coffee while they wait for their plans to unfold.

Surilii accidentally grabs Roshni’s phone. Surilii kindly reminds her that her phone is essential for daily life. Roshni agrees, noting that they both have the same phone. Surilii then serves coffee to Roshni and offers words of encouragement to help ease her stress. Roshni expresses gratitude, saying that Surilii’s positive words have helped reduce her worries. As they continue talking, Surilii shares stories about her husband. Roshni also opens up about her past relationship, mentioning that she was unable to marry due to disapproval from her partner’s mother. She quickly brushes off the topic and compliments the beautiful decorations in the room. Roshni then asks if Surilii’s husband will be arriving soon, as she would like to meet him and extend her wishes as well.

Diya makes a card and says to Surilii, “I love you too. Will you do my work?” Diya agrees. Shiv drops off Mohit at home. Diya calls Shiv at the café and lies about Pammi and Sasha’s fight. Shiv says, “Don’t cry, I’ll be there soon.” Roshni gets a doctor’s call. She says I will be here soon. She pays. She keeps the money. She leaves.

As Shiv enters the café, he notices the festive decorations. Muddu flips the sign to indicate that they are closed. Shiv is taken aback by this surprise. He calls Surilii over and she embraces him. Expressing his love, he wishes her a happy day. Surilii then reveals that she has an even better surprise in store. Grateful for her thoughtfulness, Shiv proclaims that she is his everything. Surilii confides in him that she had feared being forgotten, but she’s relieved he missed her. Shiv apologizes for not getting her a gift, but Surilii assures him that having him is enough. She senses something troubling him and asks what’s wrong. He confesses that so much has changed lately and he loves her dearly despite it all. However, he can’t reveal the full truth because of his promise to Roshni and feels remorseful about lying to Surilii. He silently resolves to tell her everything soon.


Shiv signs the form as Roshni’s husband. Surilii arrives at the hospital. She is shocked to see Shiv’s signature.

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