Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 2nd August 2023 Written Episode. on

The Episode commences with Samar requesting Mithi to fetch him some water. While holding the tray, he accidentally spills ketchup on his clothes. Mithi quickly apologizes and Samar assures her it’s fine. He then excuses himself to change. Surilii reassures him that there’s no need to rush and Samar leaves the room. Meanwhile, Swati confronts him about disconnecting her call and he explains that Surilii was nearby. Swati asks about their plan as Shiv is bringing Maan home. Samar replies that he already has a plan in place and instructs Swati on what to do. She questions his calmness and starts bandaging his wound, reminding him that he invited this problem upon himself and should not blame others. However, Samar confidently states that Shiv and Maan will not be able to come home and no one will be able to trace Veera’s killer.

Surilii’s thoughts turned to Samar, who she believed was in pain. Blood stained his shorts, and she couldn’t understand why he was hiding his injury. She wondered how he had gotten hurt and felt that there was more to the story. Suddenly, Samar’s voice interrupted her thoughts, cautioning her to be careful. Without hesitation, Surilii went to check on him. Swati then spoke up, reminding Samar to thank her for saving his life by killing Veera. Samar calmly acknowledged her actions but warned her not to forget what she had done. Enraged, Swati scolded him for playing a double game and ruining her chances of becoming the Queen of Ranak. She expressed her frustration at potentially going to jail because of his betrayal. In an attempt to pacify her, Samar promised to make her a queen but reminded her that sacrifices were necessary for such a title. Despite having no other choice, Swati threatened anyone who stood in between her and the throne while cautioning Samar not to use her as a sacrifice. Reassuringly, he replied that they were in this together and would win as a team before watching Swati leave.

As Surilii enters the room, the Doctor checks Maan and assures Shiv that all arrangements have been made. As Shiv asks about Maan’s condition, the doctor assures him not to worry. He then calls the inspector to inform him of their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Surilii notices Samar wearing his shirt and turns to him. Curious, she asks if he has a new wound or an old one hidden under his shirt. In Maan’s room, everyone is busy making preparations for his care. Sam expresses his desire to stay with Maan, but Rani Maa reminds him of their duty to protect each other in Veera’s absence. However, Sam reassures her that as Barots and warriors, they can handle any situation without her worrying about them.

According to Samar, wounds cannot be concealed. It appears that you are in shock, while I am perfectly fine. Surilii challenges him to prove it. The maid interrupts to announce the arrival of the police. Surilii leaves to meet them. The inspector informs them of the interrogation process and asks if anyone has information about Veera’s whereabouts before she goes missing. Everyone responds accordingly. Meanwhile, Samar reflects on his plan to eliminate Shiv and Maan. Swati hesitates to speak and Raghu speaks on her behalf, claiming that she was not present at home the previous night. The inspector then turns to Samar and enquires about his identity, as he does not seem like a member of the family.

Samar informs me that they are my… Raghav introduces himself as Samar Ahluwalia, our guest. He believes that Maan and Veera should not have left the haveli. He thinks that Maan may have been caught in the riots and unfortunately, Veera died while trying to save him. Raghav acknowledges his theory, saying it’s a possibility. However, Surilii interjects, stating that there were no rioters near the factory where they sought shelter. She suggests asking Shiv for confirmation. The inspector assures everyone that they will continue their investigation and take Maan’s statement. Just then, they hear the sound of an ambulance approaching. Shiv arrives with Maan, leaving Samar and Swati in shock.

Rani Maa inquires of Maan’s assailant, to which Samar shakes his head. Maan gestures towards Samar and reveals him as the culprit. He shares that he is our stepbrother and the attempted murder of Maan was not his first act of violence; he also caused the death of Veera. The revelation leaves everyone in shock. Maan adds that Samar is seeking revenge for Sumitra’s demise. Shiv identifies him as Samar Ahluwalia Barot and lunges towards him, but soon realizes it was just a dream. When Shiv finally brings Maan home, Rani Maa rushes to his side, anxious for an update on his condition from the doctor. The doctor assures them that with rest, he will recover. Shiv instructs Sam to take Maan to his room while also expressing concern about their enemy’s possible attempts to harm him. However, Shiv confidently declares that no one can cause any harm as he carefully plans their route back home and closely guards Maan throughout their journey.

Samar comments on Shiv’s fortunate state, while Rani Maa directs Maan’s attention towards her. She inquires about Maan’s silence and is informed by the doctor that he is currently in a coma. Despite being unable to speak or walk, the doctor assures them that he can still hear and see everything. Samar responds with a smile, before the doctor seeks to run some tests. Seeing this interaction, Maan becomes visibly emotional and the doctor checks his blood pressure which turns out to be alarmingly high. Realizing how dangerous this could be for him, Rani Maa asks everyone else to leave the room. As they exit, Samar takes his leave as well. Surilii stays behind and speaks to Maan, apologizing for any wrongdoings and expressing her hope for his speedy recovery. She promises to stand by him through it all, just like everyone else present there would too. In the background, Shiv sings Ek dusre se…

Shiv meets Surilii. She claims the police are saying they were attacked by riots, but someone else is involved. Shiv replies yes, the rioters had hockey sticks, not knives. Surilii asks why Maan and Veera would be at the same place, same time, someone would have contacted them, Veera was attacked by his dagger. He says Maan’s phone is with this person as well. Samar has the dagger with him.


Surilii asks Maan about the incident. Swati watches. Shiv offers Roshni a lift. Roshni asks Shiv to leave her alone.

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