Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 3rd August 2023 Written Episode on

The Episode commences with Samar pouring hot wax on his hand, causing him to burn his shirt. He then proceeds to put ketchup on the shirt and hide it under the bed, muttering Surilii’s name. Shortly after, Swati enters his room and he remarks that she’s arrived a bit late. She asks why he summoned her at such an hour and he playfully flirts with her. Samar reveals that he has a gift for her which turns out to be Veera’s dagger and Maan’s phone. Swati questions how he obtained them and he asks her to retrieve the dagger as it is causing him discomfort. Grateful, he thanks her while Surilii crosses his mind. Seeing Shiv asleep, she quietly leaves the room. Swati offers to hold onto Maan’s phone but Samar insists on keeping it safe since he doesn’t share a room with anyone else. He assures her that she can rest now as he departs for unspecified reasons, claiming to have many troubles in life. Swati then bids him goodnight and exits the room.

Samar says poor girl, the dagger had my, Veera and Swati’s fingerprints, now it has just Swati’s fingerprints, imagine the controversy, she will get caught. Samar says thank you, buddy, I can just trust you. Surilii thinks where can he go at this time, he isn’t here. His inner self tells him to lock the cupboard.

She inspects the room and notices ketchup stains on the shirt. After washing it, she wonders if she’s overthinking. She then leaves, leaving Maan and Sam sleeping. Maan is suddenly reminded of Samar and Surilii reassures him that they are there for him. The next morning, Samar urges Raghav to hurry for a meeting. However, Shiv interrupts and offers to attend in Raghav’s place since he has received information that the clients are bankrupt. Raghav objects but Samar intervenes. Raghav explains that in business, decisions sometimes need to be changed, but Shiv argues that wrong decisions should not be made. He dismisses Samar from getting involved in his personal matters and reminds him that as a guest, he should stay as a guest without trying to become a member of their business decisions. Samar advises Raghav to take it easy and relax.

Surilii reassures Maan not to fret, as Shiv is heading out for work and will return shortly. She promises to look after everyone while he’s gone. Grateful for her support, Shiv expresses his gratitude. Surilii reminds him of the importance of his job and assures him that she will handle the family. Meanwhile, Shiv departs for work and has a conversation with Bandish in the office where he informs him that he won’t be coming to Mumbai for some time and requests Bandish to keep him updated on the construction progress. Bandish advises him to take the left route due to ongoing roadworks. Thanking Bandish, Shiv continues on his way until he spots Roshni and offers her a ride. Mistaking his presence in Mumbai as a sign of his fondness for the city or perhaps because of Roshni’s relocation there, she jokingly asks if he has moved there permanently or just to be closer to a certain girl.

He declares his love for Ranak, stating that he originally came for business purposes. After engaging in conversation, he questions her lack of wit and advises her to book a cab. However, she explains that her phone is dead. He offers to give her a ride but she declines. Despite this, he persists and apologizes if his words are offensive. She clarifies that she needs to visit someone at the hospital and suddenly feels lightheaded. He rushes to catch her before she falls and urges her to stand up. Surilii wonders why Shiv hasn’t arrived yet and tries calling him, but he doesn’t notice the call. Concerned, he asks Roshni if she is okay, to which she assures him that she is fine. Finally, they both take a seat in the car together.

She reassures me that I am okay, despite my diabetes and missing a meal which caused dizziness. She challenges me to an arm wrestle to prove it. He comments on my stubbornness but also offers me a sugar-free alternative. We share a laugh together before he notices Surilii’s missed call and messages her back. His face lights up as he realizes his wife is waiting for him at home. I suggest we both head home, but he insists on giving me a ride. I tease him for being just as stubborn as I am. Surilii approaches Maan and asks how he is feeling. He manages to move his finger, indicating a positive response. She expresses her excitement that we can now communicate and asks if he would like to talk to her. He moves his finger again, causing Swati to wonder what they are talking about.

Surilii approaches Maan, asking for assistance regarding the event involving Veera. She inquires if he has any information and whether he was alone or accompanied by others. Maan responds by moving his finger. Surilii then asks if the incident was related to riots or if anyone else was involved, prompting Swati to intervene and calm her down, as Maan’s blood pressure is rising due to her persistent questions. Surilii assures Swati that she will return later to continue their conversation. Once outside, Surilii expresses her frustration at Swati for raising her voice at her, stating that she cannot tolerate such behaviour. However, Swati reminds Surilii that Maan requires rest and urges her to refrain from causing him any distress. In turn, Surilii insists on finding out who is responsible for Maan’s condition, believing it relates to the safety of her family. She promises to uncover the truth and asks for Swati’s trust in this matter.


Surilii checks Veera’s belongings. She gets Veera’s phone. Swati thinks to delete the message from Maan’s phone. Surilii calls Maan. Swati checks the call.

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