Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th August 1012 Written Episode

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv starts the episode by saying Champ has time to come, so we’ll go to a wildlife sanctuary, I’ll take you there, and we’ll eat everything, ice creams and chocolates. Roshni says his teeth will get spoiled. He says he’ll get whatever he wants. He signs her and smiles. She cries happily. Rani Maa tells her such a hurdle came up during the puja. Swati speaks against Surilii. She is told not to worry, the mahurat time hasn’t ended yet.

Shiv asks what can I do, Roshni was attacked, I got her here, Surilii tries to understand. Surilii says your point is valid, but what hurts is you didn’t share your decision with me, this puja was important for us. He says I will fix everything, forgive me, I am sorry. He holds her. She says she knows you are stuck between love and responsibility, but it hurts.

Rani Maa asks Shiv to come for rasam. Swati asks Samar why he summoned me here. Samar says he’ll tell you about Roshni inside, she’s not Surili’s friend, Shiv is caring for her, I’m finding out about it, keep an eye on them because… He reveals some plans.

As Shiv and Surilii sit in the puja, Swati gets Roshni and Mohit there. Roshni asks Roshni to see the rasam. Surilii invites Mihit to sit with them. Pandit gives the prasad for Ranak’s Kuldeepak. She asks Surilii to eat it as well as feed it to Mohit. Shiv smiles. Rani Maa says what are you doing, not everyone can eat this prasad, it’s for our Kuldeepak.

Roshni smiles at Surilii’s claim that Mohit is also a child. Shiv says you’re awesome, I’d like to marry you every day. Surilii says I don’t want compliments, but chocolates and chips. He says as you command. Sam says guys, get ready, this is your surprise. Samar asks how the attack happened. Roshni says find them and ask them. He says sorry, you’ve come with good intentions.

She expresses uncertainty, attempting to escape the situation and end the foolishness. He applauds her self-assurance and asks if she will tell the truth or if he should assist her. She cheerfully agrees to let him figure it out. He double checks with her, assuring that he will comply with her wishes. The group admires childhood photos of Shiv and his brothers while Rani Maa smiles on. They also view Surili’s childhood pictures before noticing Shiv and Surili’s snapshots together. Samar comments that they make a lovely but dull couple, promising more entertaining photos to come. Roshni is taken aback by pictures of herself with Shiv, as are the others in the room.

Sam asks Shiv to stop it. Roshni looks at Samar. Rani Maa says I forgot she was that Roshni, who you… Shiv says yes, she was my ex. You got her into the palace, and Surilii knew everything, I don’t want my reputation to be ruined, this girl must leave. Shiv says just think calmly. Raghav taunts him. He says that your wife and ex-girlfriend are in the same house. Surilii asks him not to say that about Shiv.

Roshni and Mohit are here, she says, because she knows Shiv has clean intentions, and you choose your words carefully. Swati argues with her. Roshni says stop fighting for me, Rani Maa says leave, and Mohit says, “Don’t talk to my mother like this, she’s crying.”

Rani Maa credits Shiv and Surilii for bringing you here, but as this is Ranakgarh, I am the one who makes decisions. It would be best for you to be with your husband. Mohit pleads for his mother not to be scolded, especially since she is unwell. Swati interrupts and berates him, prompting him to defend himself by insisting that they not speak about his father. Roshni steps in to defuse the situation and expresses gratitude to Shiv and Surilii for their assistance, acknowledging the current tense circumstances. She assures them that she will not allow them to lose their respect in this situation and declares that she and Mohit will leave Ranakgarh. She then turns to Swati and reminds her to mind her manners. Swati retorts by claiming her position as a loyal member of the palace and questions Roshni about the identity of Mohit’s father in a disrespectful manner.

Roshni says we are going. Swati says I’ll throw you out of the house. She drags Roshni. Shiv calls out Swati. Surilii asks Swati to stop. She says they won’t go anywhere. In Swati’s mind, she has to tell the name of Mohit’s father if she stays here, since she is middle class, you like junk in your home, royals don’t keep junk. Shiv gets angry. Roshni cries. Swati scolds her, Surilii asks her to stop, and Swati slaps her. Everyone is shocked.

Mohit is the blood of this house, this family, and he is the heir of the house, says Surilii. Everyone is shocked. Roshni replies no Surilii. Surilii responds no Roshni, I don’t want Swati to speak badly about the family. Shiv is Mohit’s father, she says. Everyone is shocked. Surilii says Mohit is Mohit Shivender Barot. Mohit cries. Roshni becomes dizzy. Mithi pushes a wheelchair to her. Rani Maa says Shiv…. Answer me, is Mohit your son? Shiv says he is my son.


As Mohit gets upset and leaves, Roshni scolds Surilii. Everyone looks for Mohit. Surilii sees Mohit sitting on the roof edge.


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