Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv ardently tells Surilii that he won’t leave until she expresses her love for him and he promises to work hard to earn it if not. Maasi ejects him from the house, as she tearfully reminds him that she is his Maasi, not his mother – the decision is Surilii’s. He expects Surilii’s eyes to show how much she cares for him, as they cannot hide the truth. Rani Maa inquires about Shiv from Maan, but finds out that he isn’t replying; Raghu teases him too. This leads to a quarrel between Maan and Raghu regarding Shiv and Surilii’s relationship.

Raani Maa asks them to stop it. Samar asks them to calm down. In response to Raghu’s comments, she says we must address the investors as well, as he doesn’t think Raghu’s statement is wrong. She agrees with him. Raghu says he’s newlywed and someone else is romancing. Maan says enough, what’s your problem with Shiv. Sam says stop fighting, I’m tired of it. Samar tells Raghu to get some fresh air and calm down his anger.

Rani Maa says Maan needs fresh air. Maan starts crying. Rani Maa says she doesn’t know whose bad sight caught the palace. She smiles and leaves. Samar gets a call from his friend. He says I’ll come, I need a break from all this drama. He says Samar says have fun. Sam leaves. Samar says I’ll go to the party with you.

Surilii says it was your decision to make me leave your life, I’m doing what you wanted, so please go. The door is shut and Mithi says sorry. She massages Rani Maa’s head. She gets the free club invitation and thinks Sam is also going. She makes an excuse. Rani Maa gives her an off. Mithi is thrilled. He says Shiv has gone to convince his annoyed wife. He drinks.

Swati comes and inquires of Samar how he manages to keep up with everyone. He flirts with her and offers her a drink. He then enquires if she came because of his smartness or his looks, to which she replies that she was there to read him. She notices the effort he puts in for family and Raghu, asking what he gets out of it. Going close to her, Samar gets his shirt before suggesting that she focus on her husband instead. She departs soon after, leaving him alone again before calling the night for a party.

Surilii spots Shiv on the road amid a downpour, with ‘Thodi jagah dede mujhe’ playing in the background. He apologizes to her, eliciting tears from Surilii. Sam calls both of them, though only Shiv answers. He inquires after everyone at home, telling Surilii he’s come to bring peace to a fight before coming back. After realizing that Sam had missed her call, Surilii phones him back and is brought on a group call where he pleads for her not to hang up and postpone any fights until he can regain his composure.

Surilii told him to stay away from negativity and keep smiling. He agreed and said he’ll go for a party. After hearing this, Shiv and Surilii both expressed their love for each other. Feeling cold, Surilii got him some coffee. Shiv suddenly imagined it was her giving it to him and said “Surilii” out loud. Just then, Sushma entered the scene and scolded them but when she heard that they were married, she advised Surilii to control him amidst the chaos of this ‘kalyug’. However, upon hearing this Shiv smiled and complimented his wife on making perfect coffee – showing that despite everything, their love remained strong.


Mithi and Sam party at the club. Samar bribes the waiter. Sam gets Mithi home. Rani Maa watches. Surilii asks Shiv to open his eyes. Rani Maa asks Samar to take responsibility for Sam.


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