Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sahiba phoned Keerat and requested her to zoom in on the video to observe the imposter wearing a snake-designed ring, a piece of jewellery that Sahiba herself doesn’t even possess. Sahiba hears a sound near the door but dismisses it, informing Keerat that the inspector had sent her a public prosecutor’s number, and she plans to speak to him tomorrow.

Angad returns home with his lawyer, Mr Jethania, and asks if he can meet a judge who will hear Akaal’s case. Jethania explains that a good lawyer knows the law well and the best lawyer can convince the judge. Seerat brings tea and serves them, but Angad declines, stating he won’t have even a drop of water until he brings Akaal back home.

The next day, Sahiba meets the public prosecutor and insists on getting Akaal out of jail at any cost, not wanting to set a bad example for real victims and mock the law. Jethania takes Angad to the judge’s office. The judge gets angry when Angad suggests bribing him and warns him against such behaviour.

Sahiba presented the snake-shaped ring worn by the imposter to the inspector and firmly denied ever wearing such a ring herself. However, the inspector explained that they couldn’t take any action until the court hearing and encouraged Sahiba not to lose hope and give up easily.

At the jail, the Brars visit Akaal, and Japjyoth breaks down upon seeing him behind bars. She tries to offer him food, but the sub-inspector stops her and asks her to leave after meeting Akaal. Sahiba walks out of the inspector’s cabin with her lawyer, facing criticism from the family for her actions.

Sahiba seeks Keerat’s help to meet the judge, and the Brar family returns home, with Japjyoth locking herself in a room. Seerat prays for Akaal’s release, while Jasleen lashes out at Angad for not getting Akaal out of jail. The family drama continues as Sahiba plans to meet the judge at any cost, seeking Veer’s assistance.


Inder orders Angad to divorce Sahiba, leaving Sahiba and Angad in a tense situation. Sahiba wonders how to explain her innocence to Angad, and Angad is unsure how to respond.

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