Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th August 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Family members give Inder jewellery and money. The kidnapper sends his location on his phone. Angad tells Inder he will accompany him, but Inder says no. Japjyoth says Inder should take Angad along because kidnappers are very dangerous. Inder says he’s ready to risk his life for Simran, and he’s happy that the whole family is concerned. He leaves. Japjyoth tells Angad that even though Manveer hates Simran, she gave all her jewelry to save her.

She calls the kidnapper and asks him to move Simran safely to the orphanage, so what is the reason for this kidnapping drama? She was rudely warned to shut her mouth by the kidnapper, who said that since she gave him a lottery ticket, he will inform her family that she is responsible for Simran’s kidnapping. Sahiba stands up, shocking Manveer. Sahiba confronts her.

It is Manveer’s memory that she misled guards and handed Simran to the kidnappers in her plan. Sahiba asks Manveer how she could stoop so low and get Simran kidnapped. Manveer says she did not intend to kidnap Simran, but had spoken to the reputed orphanage in Manali. Sahiba asks her if she thinks an orphanage would accept Simran without proper paperwork and if something happened to Simran.

Sahiba asks Manveer not to inform his family. Sahiba asks her to give the kidnapper’s number. Manveer asks why? Sahiba says if she doesn’t give her number, she will contact the police and inform her family. Veer provides her number. Sahiba walks out and asks Veer to locate the number via his police friend. Sahiba reveals it is the kidnapper’s number.

Inder drives towards the kidnapper’s location, praying for Simran’s safe return. As he notices a follower, Angad trails behind him. Sahiba calls to check on his whereabouts and Angad shares that he is tracking Mr. Brar’s movements. He questions how the kidnappers managed to snatch Simran in just a few minutes while she was out of her room. Sahiba expresses her lack of knowledge on the matter and urges him to stay cautious while keeping her updated.


Angad says he can spend any amount of money to save Simran’s life. The doctor says they don’t have a donor. Simran’s life is in danger.

She agrees to donate her organ. Angad says he cannot lose her. Sahiba says she can’t lose Simran. Her vital signs monitor stops during surgery, and Angad shouts Sahiba…


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