Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rani Maa announcing Raghu and Swati’s marriage, which will take place next week. She emphasizes that the entire Gujarat will admire their royal family. Maan is instructed to give the staff a one-month bonus salary. Rani Maa wards off any evil eye from Swati and taunts Surilii. She welcomes Swati into the family and adorns her with a necklace. Shiv leaves the scene, while Pammi expresses concern over Rani Maa’s hurtful behaviour.

Sasha assures Pammi not to worry, but they become anxious when Surilii disconnects their call. They pray for Surilii’s well-being. Shiv remarks that his mother is going overboard, and Surilii believes she can convince Rani Maa with love. Rani Maa drinks a cup of coffee and appreciates its taste. Ambitai informs her that Surilii made it. Rani Maa questions who allowed her to enter the kitchen and goes to confront Surilii. Veera arrives and informs Surilii that Samar has come to meet her. Rani Maa questions Samar’s presence at 10 a.m.

Samar enters the palace and admires Rani Maa’s portrait. Rani Maa confronts him and makes sarcastic remarks. Samar expresses that anyone would feel jealous witnessing their family bond, as a picture speaks a thousand words. Rani Maa mentions reading the contract papers and assures Samar that she will send him the contract. Samar expresses his congratulations to Raghu and states that he came to meet him. Raghu warmly greets Samar, and Rani Maa receives a phone call and leaves. Samar expresses his admiration for their meeting and mentions that Raghu’s courage inspired him to visit Swati’s house. He asks if Raghu believes in tarot reading. Samar reveals that he sensed Raghu’s helplessness regarding his love and position and congratulates him on his new life. Shiv enters the scene, and Raghu introduces Samar Ahluwalia to him. Shiv greets Samar, who reciprocates the gesture. Samar requests orange juice without sugar and ice, and Raghu suggests Shiv offers him the same. Shiv insists Samar takes it, to which Samar responds that it belongs to Shiv, and he will take what’s rightfully his. Shiv suggests Samar takes a seat, acknowledging their long-awaited meeting. Samar reveals that he closely observed Shiv’s business but failed to meet him personally due to his busy schedule. Samar confidently asserts that since befriending Raghu, he has also gained Raghu’s trust and Rani Maa’s acceptance. Raghu inquires about Samar’s accomplishments that impressed Rani Maa, while Shiv remarks that he is keeping an eye on Samar due to his association with Raghu. Samar states that his royal charm won over Raghu and Rani Maa’s acceptance. Shiv wonders what Samar did to impress Rani Maa, and Surilii arrives. Samar claims to be unaware of her, and Shiv introduces her as his wife. Samar congratulates Shiv on his marriage and remarks on the two simultaneous wedding celebrations. Rani Maa returns, and Samar extends his congratulations, expressing his knowledge of Raghu and Swati’s wedding decision. Samar proposes to organize both weddings, mentioning his event company’s experience in arranging royal weddings.

Rani Maa and Raghu appreciate the idea, relieving Rani Maa of any worries. Surilii attempts to speak but is ignored by Rani Maa. Shiv insists that Surilii wants to talk to her, and Surilii expresses her desire to organize Raghu and Swati’s wedding, highlighting her experience in event planning. Shiv supports the idea of a family member organizing the wedding, but Rani Maa states that there is a significant difference between a palace wedding and city events, ultimately choosing Samar to oversee the arrangements. Samar expresses his gratitude, and Rani Maa scolds Shiv.


Rani Maa and Shiv argue about Raghu, leading to Shiv’s departure. Samar remarks that the real drama is about to begin, while Rani Maa continues to admonish Shiv.

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