Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 19th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 – 19th June 2023 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya recalling Ritika’s words. Ritika advises Priya not to show Yuvraj that she is affected by his engagement. She insists that Priya attend the engagement and hold Ram’s hand to give the impression that she is marrying him. Although Priya doesn’t love Ram, Ritika believes it’s for the sake of their parents’ respect and happiness.

Priya and Yuvraj engage in an argument. Priya clarifies that she came for her parents and not for Yuvraj. Kriti expresses her disappointment and says that everything has been shattered. Shreya informs her that the Singles app has failed, investors have withdrawn, and both the app and contract are gone. Kriti is shocked, and Shreya scolds her.

Shalini is delighted and shows Shardul a dance video of Ram and Priya. She reveals her plan to make Priya her daughter-in-law and bring her home. Kriti realizes that she needs to stop this marriage, and Shreya suggests creating a drama to make Priya leave Ram’s life and replace her.

Anju is busy with preparations and feels stressed. Priya arrives and asks what’s happening. Bua informs her that Ram and his family are coming for the mehndi ceremony, and Anju had spread the news. Priya expresses her surprise, saying it’s her mehndi and she wasn’t informed. The lights go off, causing Priya’s father to panic. Priya reassures him and decides to go and find an electrician. Her father offers to accompany her, but she insists he waits and she goes alone.

Yuvraj, who is drunk, complains about Priya and talks to Akhil. Akhil suggests breaking Priya’s marriage, and Yuvraj agrees to do so. Shalini shares her happiness with Ram, expressing her love for the simple lanes and finding joy in them. Kriti spots Priya and questions why she is there. Priya asks Mahesh, an electrician, to fix the light issue. Shreya notices Priya and reminisces about something. Shalini mentions that Priya came to call the electrician. Ram arrives and observes the situation. He asks Shalini to go to Priya’s house and assures her that he will help Priya. Shardul playfully teases Ram, and Shalini smiles.

Priya insists that Ram goes home, but Shreya suggests that they accompany her if Priya insists she can handle it. Ram introduces Shreya as his cousin, and Priya asks Ram to leave. Shalini insists that Ram stays to help Priya. Priya’s family welcomes Ram’s family, and Shalini feels tired and asks for water. Anju goes to get water, and Shalini tells Priya’s father to relax, saying he has performed magic. Shardul agrees, and he introduces Ram’s cousins.

Shreya comments that the lights still haven’t come back. Ritika suggests that it’s a green wedding, so they should save power. Kriti finds it suffocating, but Ritika assures her that she has a solution. Shalini offers to help, and a man compliments them, mentioning he saw them on TV and thinks they look good together. Priya tells him to focus on his work and gives him her best wishes. Priya goes to buy vegetables and argues with Ram, questioning why he didn’t inform her about keeping the mehndi at her place. Ram insists that no one can convince his mother.


Shalini sees Ram and Priya together in a room, and Shreya claims to have a solution for breaking their marriage.

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