Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Surili urging Shiv to trust her and focus on the positives rather than the negatives. She advises him to go and talk to Rani Maa with a smile on his face. Shiv agrees and assures her that he will have a conversation with Rani Maa. Surili prays for a positive outcome. Shiv meets Ranimaa and defends his decisions, including his choice to marry Surili. However, Ranimaa dismisses his claims, stating that Surili lacks manners and style and cannot match their standards. Shiv expresses his happiness for Raghu but disagrees with his decision to fire Bandish, emphasizing that Raghu is making wrong choices. Rani Maa asserts that Raghu has the right to make decisions as she has handed over the business to him. She advises Shiv not to interfere and suggests keeping Bandish as part of the personal staff.

Samar and Raghu have a conversation, and Ranimaa asks Raghu to accompany her. Raghu complies, and Samar asks him why he seems upset. Raghu avoids the question, and Samar receives a message informing him that he has reached Ranakgarh. Meanwhile, an unidentified person arrives in Ranakgarh and holds a gun. Sasha reassures Maasi, stating that Surili will handle everything and that Shiv is trustworthy and deeply in love with her. Maasi expresses her trust in Shiv but worries about his mother. Ambitai makes a phone call to a newspaper editor, hinting at an upcoming marriage event at the palace without revealing further details. Maan notices her behaviour, causing her to become tense. She greets him and hastily leaves. The editor acknowledges the news as interesting.

Ranimaa berates the servants, emphasizing that nothing should happen without her permission. She threatens to fire any staff member who goes against her will and instructs Veera to keep Surili away from her. Veera agrees, and Ranimaa tasks Ambitai with preparing shagun (auspicious gifts) for Swati. Surili devises a plan with Maan and Sam to convince Ranimaa and resolve their issues. Surili mentions that Ranimaa is pleased with Swati’s arrival, and she intends to fulfill her responsibilities and address all problems. Sam agrees, and they decide to attend the event. Shiv and Surili leave in their car, with Surili emphasizing that they don’t need a formal invitation to be part of a family function and encouraging Shiv to focus on happiness.

Madhu informs Swati that Maan and Sam will bring the shagun. Swati mentions that it’s just a formality and expresses her approval of the proposal. Madhu argues with her, while Hari attempts to calm the situation. Hari comments on the upcoming shagun and Swati’s impending marriage, feeling unsure about what he should do. Madhu warns Swati about getting trapped in a golden cage and questions Ranimaa’s intentions, suggesting that she wants revenge on Shiv by marrying Swati to Raghu. Swati acknowledges this and reveals her own desire for revenge against Shiv.


Rani maa and Shiv engage in an argument regarding Raghu, which prompts Shiv to leave. Samar predicts that the real drama is about to unfold. Rani maa scolds Shiv, further escalating the tension between them.


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