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Angad takes Sahiba to his room and their eyes meet. As the song Chal Meri Jaan plays in the background, Seerat feels distressed and begins to cry. Angad places her on the bed and feeds her breath onto her foot wound. At the same time, Seerat hits her foot against her bed as despair fills her heart. She notices Angad is hiding Sahiba’s dupatta behind his pillow, which causes him to be nervous. Angad gently fixs Sahiba’s hair while Seerat knocks on the door asking for a tablet for her headache. He hands them to her; however, when she sees lipstick marks on his kurta she sends them flying and leaves angrily, declaring that she doesn’t need their help.

Sahiba enters Seerat’s room with her medicine. Seerat yells, asking if she just came to remind her that her warning was right – that Garry would leave her in the end and if she was now happy. Sahiba questions what is she talking about and explains why she came to give her the medicine. But Seerat continues shouting, accusing her of not showing concern for her in front of Brarse when Angad had given his support. Sahiba replies that it doesn’t make a difference whether Angad gave his word or not because she truly cares for her and reminds Seerat that they were sisters before anything else and have been through rough patches together. Despite this, Seerat still insists that Sahiba leave since she feels secure by Angad’s promise alone. So, reluctantly, Sahiba leaves the room.

Angad wakes up to find Sahiba on his laptop, trying to uncover her entrance exam results. He jests, asking how she worked out his password – “thebrarjewellers” – which he admits is very bland in comparison to the rest of his lacklustre life. She gazes at the screen and cheers as she glimpses her name. The theme tune starts playing in the background and Sahiba remembers Simran from Chaat Street who had helped her contact Sara, who apparently is smarter and cuter than Angad. Amused by this thought, he offers her a treat at a 5-star restaurant or wherever she likes; however, Sahiba suggests they pay Simran a visit first instead.

After some time, Sahiba and Angad join the family for breakfast. They inquire about Seerat’s health. Gurleen hugs her and congratulates Sahiba on passing her college entrance test. Japjyoth wants to know what happened, prompting Angad to tell them about Sahiba getting admission. Akaal gets angry upon this news. Japjyoth speaks positively about fulfilling her dreams and not forgetting her responsibility as a daughter-in-law. Manveer speaks harshly towards Sahiba, with Jasleen also adding her two cents in agreement with him. Angad stands up for Sahiba and tells them to stop insulting her; she has already gone through a lot recently. Then he announces that he’s taking Sahiba out tonight, making Seerat jealous of their relationship.

Sahiba inspects Angad’s ensemble and rejects it all. He inquires about what’s wrong with the garments; she reiterates that they are simply too dull and not fashionable. He then poses her to style him and hands her a t-shirt and pants. Without hesitation, he takes off his shirt in front of her, blushing afterwards and retreats into the changing room. After he emerges ready, he queries Sahiba on his appearance. She declares him stylist. Just as they were about to leave, Seerat enters the room and requests Angad to help her with net banking. He states it’s easy, contenting her request for joining them if it’s vital. Sahiba nods in agreement before reminding him of their promise to reach at that place by 5 p.m., however Angad settles down to assist Seerat anyway.

After realizing she fell in love with Angad, Sahiba feels shy when Angad approaches.

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