Faltu 29th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

During the episode, Faltu tells the Chawl guys that Ayaan didn’t do anything, he is innocent, Kanika and Tanisha are responsible, and I won’t be going to the academy. I need to stay away from Ayaan and Tanisha, I will concentrate on Rajan’s matches, it will help me find a way out, I can’t stay here, Ayaan knows the address, and I don’t want to meet him, Rajan made my new arrangements, so I’m going.

When everything is clear now, he asks why you are running away from Ayaan. She responds, “Don’t ask, let me go.” Janardhan scolds Savita for leaving everything and coming when she knew this. He says Ayaan has risked everything, proving he is not my blood. Dadi asks what are you saying, Ayaan did everything for you, he left his dreams for you, and he followed his heart for the first time. You can’t handle it. She sobs. He says I regret giving him my name. She cries.

He says we will get on the roads one day. Savita says no, I will talk to him. He says go, there is still time. I will disown him forever. Sumitra says Tanu is dangerous, don’t marry her, otherwise Tanu and Kanika will rule. She apologized to everyone, we are perfect for each other, don’t worry, I will handle her, I will go console her, I will make her realize that she will not find anyone better than me, and we don’t care if Ayaan and Faltu marry.

Janardhan says I did a lot for Ayaan. She prays. Tanu sees Ayaan’s picture and cries. Savita says Janardhan said that against Ayaan, that he has done a favour for me and my Ayaan. Dadi consoles her. Sid asks her to have ice cream. He says I will be glad if your mood improves, have some. She says this also didn’t make me feel better. He says he knows you are hurt but Ayaan doesn’t love you.

Ayaan comes to meet Faltu. The lady tells him she is leaving the house. He asks where she went. She says her work is over, so she must leave. He asks why you are doing this with me. Faltu and the chawl boys eat the vada pau. She says she has to go and get her utensils from Chawl house. They ask her not to worry. She gets Ayaan’s message. She says it doesn’t matter.

In addition, the guy gets the message. They hear the audio from Ayaan. He says I’ll go away from every one, no one will find me. She worries. She listens to the audio. He says, try to understand, I don’t love Tanisha, I love you, so come and meet me, I’m dying for you, I just love you, and I’ll love you forever.

Ayaan has just given him sorrow. You should not have married him. She says I didn’t know he couldn’t become mine and Faltu would come between us after marriage. You won’t feel lonely, I’m not Ayaan. She knows, so I’ve always regarded you as my best friend, always supporting me. He says I’m always with you, you should have married me, not Ayaan.

Tanu looks at him. He says I wouldn’t have let her cry, I would have beaten the person who made her cry. She smiles. They eat ice cream. He thinks you will think this is a joke. During the call, Savita cries. Dadi asks if he does not have the right to decide for his life. Savita replies that he must do what his dad and I tell him to do.

Seeing Ayaan standing at the top of the building, Faltu runs upstairs and shouts to stop him. He says I’m glad to know you care about me, I wanted to see you once before going. Faltu asks where you’re going. He says somewhere far, don’t you love me? She says come here, let’s talk. He says no, answer me first. She says go to Tanisha, I can’t break her family. Tanisha accepted that I don’t love her, tell me, do you love me or not. He steps back and falls down the building.


Kanika takes revenge on Faltu after Tanisha signs the divorce papers and asks Ayaan to speak with Faltu’s father.

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