Faltu 27th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

During the episode, Ayaan starts by saying, “I didn’t understand my feelings, I don’t love Tanisha and can never love her.” Janardhan shouts at Ayaan, “I was wrong, love is imp, I can’t love you.” Ayaan says I love Faltu. Faltu says enough, not a word more, or else it will go wrong. He says wrong would be to keep Tanisha in darkness, I tried hard to love her, but my heart doesn’t agree.

I cannot act to keep the marriage with Tanisha. Ayaan says I understand my heart now, but I cannot act to keep the marriage. Everyone is shocked when he says Tanisha, you’re the best, you deserve all the happiness, and I’m sure you don’t want to spend your life with a guy who doesn’t love you. You’ll just get incompleteness and pain if you stay with me because I don’t love you, I love Faltu.

They cry. Tanisha goes to her room. She gets a panic attack. Kanika tells her not to panic and to breathe. She looks for the medicines. She asks where are the medicines. Tanisha gestures towards the cupboard. Kanika gets the medicines. She tells Tanisha that she will feel better in five minutes. Kanika consoles Tanisha. Tanisha says Ayaan has told everyone that he loves Faltu, not her.

Tanisha says you won’t do anything, I’ll do it. Janardhan scolds Ayaan for his actions. Kanika says I will make everything fine, he didn’t mean it. Ayaan says he loves her. Janardhan scolds him and asks him if he will make Tanisha out and marry Faltu. Ayaan says he does love Faltu. Janardhan says we will add poison to the dinner so that you can live happily with Faltu. Savita should have seen this; I will call her.

I tried to love Tanisha, but I cannot go close to her, I shouldn’t have married Tanisha, trust me, I didn’t know I loved Faltu. Ayaan says don’t call her, don’t drag her into this, you can beat me. He asks whether Faltu is compatible with our status, whether she can save our business, whether she has the values, and how you think she can become part of our family.

Ayaan says she’s a nice girl, she kept our respect, she had evidence of her innocence, she didn’t tell anyone, she worried about me and our family, she sacrificed so much for me, it’s my turn now, I want to marry her and fulfil her cricketing dreams, this will happen, it is right for Tanisha, Faltu and me. Faltu packs her bag. Sumitra comes and gives her money. She says Janardhan sent it to her. Faltu returns it and says she doesn’t want it. Sumitra says she feels sorry for her, where will she go?

Sumitra asks them to talk in private and leaves. He stops Faltu and says I love you. She says it’s not right, leave me, let him go. Ayaan says he won’t let Faltu lose.

Don’t leave me, I promise I will fix everything. I will talk to Tanisha, I’m sure she will understand, don’t leave me. He says that you love me, I know. She says no. He asks why you apply sindoor of my name every single day. She cries. He says you love me, I know, don’t worry.

She says she won’t go, Ayaan loves you Faltu, I can’t tie him to someone else, he’s yours, I’ll explain the family and get you both married, Dadi explains Janardhan. Tanisha says we can’t ignore Ayaan’s pain. Janardhan says I can’t tolerate that girl. Faltu says I’m leaving. He signs her out. Tanisha says I’m the most hurt.

Kanika says you do not need to do this; everything will be fine. Janardhan agrees. Tanisha says she wants to admit her mistakes. Sumitra asks her.

Faltu is shocked. Tanisha says I asked Mom to do all this, Kanika says don’t lie. I was also involved with Mom in getting Faltu expelled from the academy. Honestly, Tanisha says, I was possessive of you Ayaan, I knew you loved Faltu, and I slandered Faltu. It’s the truth, Tanisha says.


Kanika gets revenge on Faltu as Tanisha signs the divorce papers and asks Ayaan to speak to Faltu’s father.

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