Barsatein 16th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Aradhana’s Revelation and Viren’s Downfall


Barsatein 16th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

It begins with Aradhana saying she heard Nita and you talking that day. Nita left that knife, I was conscious, I took that knife and fled. After being freed, you expected me to return home. She remembers calling Jagruti. Jagruti asks where are you, okay. She cries happily. The flashback ends.

Radhana says everything became clear for me. Reyansh suspected Jai and Nita were involved, and you framed Reyansh, so I knew who to contact and who could help me. Jai asks, “Who helped you?” Kadambari replies that I helped her free Reyansh. Viren says you cannot do this; you spoke to a lawyer today. She says you lied to us, and we can’t lie to you. I learned your truth then.

In a flashback, Kadambari and Pooja are seen crying for Aradhana. The entire group is visibly upset. Vikram declares that he will bring him to justice once he tracks down the culprit. However, Kadambari interjects, claiming that the inspector has falsely accused Reyansh. Jagruti points out that they don’t have any evidence of the attack. But Vikram reveals that he has found something – the kidnapper’s ring. After inspecting it closely, Kadambari asks Vikram if he’s confident about it. He confirms and Jagruti speculates that this could be linked to their mother’s accident since she seemed to have been trying to tell them something on the day she wrote “boss”.

Kadambari says don’t worry, I’ve solved this, I know who is this boss. FB ends. Kadambari says Jagruti told me Aradhana is alive, so we went to the police station and got the information. Pooja says yes, Jagruti is talking to her boyfriend, so she was preparing to trap you. Aradhana says you got trapped, uncle.

Reyansh says I’ve always hated you but feel sorry for you. Your love made me mad, and my love made you foolish. I made a big mistake; I became blind in anger, I became greedy for money, now I feel bad, Aradhana, Reyansh can’t understand, maybe you know, I was a good father, I loved my daughters when I lost Kimaya, I wanted revenge, but I was wrong.

After falling on her feet, he points the gun at them. He tells them he won’t forgive them, Reyansh, game over, I just want peace, I decided to kill Aradhana and Kadambari, I think I should kill you too. He argues with Viren. Aradhana says, “Please stop it, uncle. I will kill you.” Viren replies, “I’ll kill him.” Reyansh says, “Fine, kill me.”

When I went to Kimaya’s room, she was already dead, so shoot me, he said. Viren says fine, I won’t shoot you, but I will do something that will cause you much pain. Reyansh says don’t hurt Aradhana. Viren thinks I’ll shoot her. He shoots her. Reyansh pulls Aradhana away. Everyone is shocked when Jai gets shot.

Nita screams. Aradhana and Reyansh hold Jai. Jai says sorry, uncle, Reyansh didn’t make any mistake. Kimaya died as a result of Kiki’s instigation. Aradhana, I prayed to see your face for the last time, I am sorry. Bani and I do not have an affair, it was a lie. In my last wish, I want you two to unite. Jai dies. Nita cries and says it happened because of me.

A few weeks later, Reyansh returns to the office and talks with Aradhana, his boss. She says you are getting married and you are not participating in preparations. He says I also called the caterer and electrician. She says I have to get good reports from your wife, till then you don’t come to work. He says okay, boss. They have a moment. She says she wants you. He says I want your smile. They hug and smile as they hug.

This is an end to the show.

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