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Krishnan is scolded by Reyansh when he threatens him. Reyansh asks Krishnan, where is your sister, I want to talk about Mayank. Krishnan says he does not know anything about Mayank. Reyansh says you came to help Aradhana. Krishnan thanks Revati for the job, but she left the city. Reyansh scolds him.

Present day, Aradhana’s friend says I am stunned to hear your story. Aradhana says I don’t feel anything now. The girl sees Aradhana and taunts her. Aradhana says people believe the fake news is true. Her friend says don’t lose hope. Aradhana says I want to ask my mom why she left me after giving me birth, I will close this chapter and start a new life, so get me bus tickets.

Harsh and Bhakti see the news of Nationtrue news apologizing to Aradhana and her family. Bhakti cries, saying you punished Aradhana for her mother’s mistake. Harsh says Aradhana did the same mistake, she chose the wrong man Reyansh, it’s her fate. Bhakti says I’m her mother, you expelled her. He leaves. Revati meets Reyansh and apologizes to him. He asks her to tell the truth. Aradhana’s friend asks Aradhana if she is sure. Aradhana answers yes, I have no reason to stop.

Reyansh receives a call from Vikram and confirms that he has encountered Revati. Vikram then inquires about the statement, Mayank’s bail, and Aradhana’s whereabouts. Reyansh assures him that Aradhana cannot leave without meeting him and she broke her phone before declaring herself as nothing. Pooja mentions Aradhana’s plans of going far away from everyone. Reyansh proposes to go to the airport while he searches for her at the train station or bus stop. Vikram expresses his happiness and they both make a plan to find Aradhana. Meanwhile, Aradhana is grateful to her friend for the assistance provided in escaping. Upon reaching the bus stop, Reyansh scans the area for Aradhana while Vikram wishes him luck. As Aradhana goes to fetch water, a man recognizes her from a newspaper photo and tries to approach her but she quickly moves away. Just when Reyansh spots her, he stops her but gets slapped by Aradhana in front of onlookers.

Reyansh receives a scolding from her. She reminds him of Mayank’s words, emphasizing that misunderstandings can always occur. Reyansh then reveals that he ran into Revati and she disclosed the truth to him. Despite this revelation, she continues with a seemingly insincere congratulations and accuses him of thinking that everyone lies about him. Frustrated, Reyansh urges her to ask Revati directly about what was said. At that moment, Revati appears and she remembers deceiving Reyansh. She apologizes for not being able to help, as she has a family to consider. Aradhana breaks down in tears while Revati comforts her, expressing regret for not being able to lend a hand. Aradhana understands and acknowledges Revati’s situation, knowing that she is acting in the best interest of her family. With that, Revati departs from the scene.

Reyansh grasps Aradhana firmly and expresses, “I wanted to witness the guilt on your face for your deceitful actions. Are you not even the slightest bit remorseful?” In retaliation, Aradhana shoves him away and confesses, “Yes, I met Mayank. He is my ex-boyfriend whom I still hold feelings for. I was aware of his marital status but still called him to my hotel room. Now, leave me alone and keep living in a world of lies. Truth holds no importance for someone who lacks trust.” Reyansh sternly commands her to leave his life while she retorts by saying that he has already taken away her happiness and warns him to never seek her out again. He orders her to get out as the song “Pyaar jhuta tha” plays in the background.

Kadambari comes to Reyansh. She tells him that you have not learned to trust love. He drinks. He asks her to shut the door. Aradhana gets Revati’s letter. Revati apologizes. Aradhana throws the letter. They become sad.


Aradhana meets a lady. Reyansh gets drunk at work. Sunaina blames him.

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