Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Abhimanyu and Manjiri argue at the beginning of the episode. She says Akshara lost the case, she cheated you, she became Abhir’s music teacher, she can also do this drama, she is urging you to send Abhir to you, why did she return after becoming a lawyer, you will believe her lie, she is planning this. It seems she’s not such, otherwise she’s your son…. You’ve complained about her, you’re calling her your daughter. I can’t explain you any further, let’s stop here.

She says you always find her right and me wrong. He says stop it, I don’t want a mum to talk bad about another mum in front of Kanha ji, he won’t forgive us. She says you’ll regret, we’ll lose after winning. Abhir hears them. Everyone is unhappy, Abhimanyu says I’m already regretting, Akshara is ill, I’m taking Abhir to his sick mother tomorrow. She says she won’t let you take Abhir to Kasauli, so Abhir runs. Abhimanyu goes, receiving Manjiri’s blessings.

Abhir falls and says my mother isn’t fine. Ruhi gives her a hand. He says my mother is ill. She asks Abhimanyu to pick her up. He says he wants to take me, but Dida opposes it, elders won’t take me. Ruhi asks how will you get to Kasauli, it is quite far. He says there is a way out. He packs his bag. She says I got the piggy bank. He says it’s yours. She says you take this. He breaks the piggy bank. She says I’ll make the railway station map. He jokes on it.

She says take my phone, check the map on this and call home when you get there. He says I forgot, my mom and dad gave me this phone. She asks how will you sit alone in the train. He says I’ll go, I’ve got to get my momma. Doctor says her fever should get down or it will affect her brain and the problem will get high. Abhinav worries. The doctor leaves. Akshara says Abhir… Abhinav says you’ll be pleased if Abhir comes, how can I get him?

Abhir says I must reach mumma. Ruhi gives pepper spray and says to keep it for protection against bad people. He wants you to promise not to tell anyone, or Dida will find out. She says she will pray for you and Maasi. He says you are the best sister. They go. He holds a vase. He shows the money he kept. Abhinav says I will call Abhimanyu, he will be able to get Abhir for a few days, if he doesn’t agree. He prays.

Ruhi instructs Abhir to prepare the pepper spray and map, while Manjiri plans to consult a lawyer in the morning. Fearing a potential thief nearby, she calls out for their identity as she spots a shadow. In response, Ruhi and Abhir conceal themselves, while Manjiri picks up Ruhi’s slipper. Preparing for their departure, Abhimanyu decides not to inform Abhir about his mother’s condition and instead prays for Akshara’s well-being in front of Mahadev. Once Manjiri leaves, Ruhi bestows her Lord’s image upon Abhir for protection and promises to anxiously await his call once he reaches his destination.

Bandeya…plays… Abhinav takes care of Akshara and cries. Abhir reaches the door. Ruhi comes running and nods. He leaves. Abhimanyu asks about Akshara’s fever this morning. Aarohi says he did not speak to them. He says I’ll make junior ready, you go. Aarohi gets Abhir. Manjiri says don’t do this, you’ll regret it. I won’t keep my son away from his mother.

‘Abhir’ is nowhere in the house, Aarohi says. Abhimanyu shouts junior… Abhinav says, roads broke because of the flood, okay. He ends the call and checks Akshara’s fever. He calls the doctor. The doctor says it is hard to go to the hospital, the roads are blocked, do something, Akshara’s fever isn’t going down. Manjiri calls out Abhir. Kairav says we will talk to Abhinav.

It was a flood, bridges collapsed, and Manish couldn’t take her to the hospital. Dadi asked him to calm down. She says you didn’t know this would happen. Suwarna says we’ll go to Kasauli. Surekha says I’ll come, too. She says what will happen if we go, her son isn’t with her. Junior yells Abhimanyu.


The inspector says it is not a kidnapping case. Akshara worries about Abhir.

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