Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the beginning of the episode, Prachi tries to talk to Akshay and says, “I want to talk to you.” Akshay asks what? Ashok arrives. Prachi asks why you are acting as if you are in pain and trouble. Akshay asks her to leave him alone and says he’ll handle it. Ashok asks what happened? Akshay tells him to relax and says he will handle it. Mihika asks him to share.

Prachi asks Akshay to see who he is speaking to. Akshay replies that he doesn’t want to answer anyone. I didn’t tell anyone about your behavior because I didn’t want them concerned, so she asks why you are acting as if you don’t remember that our marriage is not real. You already know why I’m getting married to you, and I’ve told you that there’s nothing wrong with my husband and me, so why are you angry if everything’s getting okay?

In Ashok’s words, I’m not angry, anger is an understatement, and he says I feel like I’m being used by her. Ashok says Prachi told you clearly that she was marrying you in order to get Khushi’s custody. Akshay asks Ashok to get Prachi’s birth certificate, saying your name is certain to appear on it. Manpreet tries to talk to Akshay. Akshay says he was wondering why you weren’t talking to me.

Prachi wonders if you are someone else, not the Akshay who supported and treated everyone with honesty. She questions why you would treat her this way. He responds by asking if she would feel the same if she were in his shoes. He explains that whoever he felt close to, she gave that person to Ranbir. He expresses frustration, calling her selfish and saying it makes him feel bad. He shares that he only has Khushi, his daughter, whose custody he plans to transfer to her tomorrow. He reminds her that Khushi is his daughter whom he loves deeply, but now she will be taken away from him as she prepares to marry Ranbir.

Akshay thanks her and hugs Akshay. Akshay smirks. Vishaka sees him smirking. Mihika doubts him. Ashok and Manpreet feel proud of him. He says he won’t disturb them and will meet Khushi just. Prachi says you would have told him directly. Akshay says I don’t know how to talk straight, but I said one thing straightly that I loved you, but you didn’t do anything about that, so I am joking.

Dadi says she is happy seeing all of them happy and I don’t know when last I saw my family happy. The Kohlis have dinner with Ranbir. Pallavi asks Ranbir when he knew the truth. Ranbir says he was waiting for Prachi to say the truth, and says she did so in an inebriated state. Pallavi asks if she drinks.

Afterward, Ranbir told that someone spiked her drink, so he felt good to talk about her. Tandon ji took her into his home as his daughter. They laughed at his happiness. Ranbir goes to sleep. Dida asks Pallavi if she is happy with Prachi. Pallavi smiles and says she will like Prachi. Vikram and Dida are happy together.

While on a call, Ranbir imagines Prachi hugging him. Prachi asks why he is surprised. Ranbir says he’s happy that she’s with him. They have a romantic moment. He says he always dreamed that she’d be closer to him, and he says he’s been waiting for this moment for so long. Prachi keeps her finger on his lips. He kisses Prachi, but stops when he gets near.

After Prachi kisses him, his imagination ends when he hears a phone ringtone, causing him to wonder where Prachi went. As he searches for Prachi, he sees her call on her phone. Prachi says she has some good news for him. Ranbir asks Prachi where she is. Prachi replies, “I’m in my room, in Tandon house.” He says my room is yours, and I felt as if we were close and you were about to kiss me, and I was happy that my dream had come true.

Prachi shares her dream with Ranbir, excitedly mentioning that she is there with him. She informs him that the good news is that Akshay has agreed to transfer Khushi’s custody to her. However, she expresses sympathy for Akshay who asked if he could still see Khushi. Ranbir cautions Prachi not to trust Akshay and questions the truth of his words. Prachi defends Akshay and urges Ranbir to trust her judgment. Reluctantly, Ranbir agrees and jokingly asks for a kiss as proof of their trust. As their call ends, he playfully suggests that she should have blown him a kiss instead. Both Prachi and Ranbir end the conversation with smiles on their faces.

Akshay is asked by Vishaka what he is thinking? He says nothing, but she insists he tells her what he is thinking. Akshay says he felt something and asks why you did not become my mother. Vishaka says I only want to be your mother. Akshay says you used to tell me to make Prachi mine so that she wouldn’t leave me, and I used to say I wanted to win her heart. If I had agreed to your sayings, I wouldn’t be alone now.

According to him, men are known for their strength, but when you witness your beloved with someone else, it marks the end. He believes that whatever you speak into existence will come true. Supposedly, you have said that I should strive to treat everyone with kindness and warmth, causing Prachi to be unable to resist falling in love with me just as I have with her. He claims that Khushi will ultimately choose me over Ranbir and that I will fill the role of her father. Additionally, he insists that Khushi will play a crucial role in my union with Prachi. Despite his plan to arrange a marriage between Ranbir and Prachi, he guarantees that I will be by her side during the wedding ceremony with her acceptance. Lastly, he promises to utterly destroy Ranbir.

Pallavi asks Ranbir where he went and Ranbir keeps the shopping bags. Dida comes and asks if anyone missed me? She says she has been with her son, then says boyfriend, and says she has brought shagun stuff to Tandon’s house. As Vikram doesn’t trust Akshay, he asks him to get it done as soon as possible. Ranbir says he will bring his siya home. They see someone coming and they say you just then.

Ashok returns home and tells Prachi that she bought shagun stuff for Ranbir’s family. She says she brought clothes and a gold chain for them. Manpreet says you are our daughter and we will do anything for you. Ashok says we will do anything for you. Prachi gets emotional and says she’s lucky to have such a family. She says she couldn’t imagine getting one even in her dreams and keeps her head on Ashok’s shoulders.

Akshay arrives and expresses his concern, asking Manpreet not to distance herself from them. He urges her to remember them and reach out during any occasion. Manpreet assures him that she briefly suspected he disapproved of their marriage. Vishaka then reveals that Akshay was the one who accompanied her to purchase all the necessary items. Akshay then surprises Prachi by presenting her with some papers, which she discovers are custody papers granting her full custody of Khushi. Overwhelmed, she thanks him for this selfless gesture. Graciously, Akshay reminds her that from now on, she and Ranbir are Khushi’s true parents in every sense of the word, not him. Prachi looks at him gratefully.


Seeing Ranbir’s kundali, Panit ji tells Pallavi and Dida that it is not good, and that the next 4 days are crucial, and anything can happen in those 4 days. Prachi will win Prachi, Akshay promises Vishaka, and he knows he is thinking something in his heart. Ranbir tells Akshay that he knows that he knows he’s thinking something in his heart, so don’t act.


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