Kavya 12th February 2024 Written Episode: Omi’s Tragic Revelation Shocks Everyone!

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The Episode starts with Anurag giving Omi’s fertility report to Adi. He says I got this report home, I got this from Kavya’s office, Omi do not worry, I will fix everything for you. In response to Omi’s question of how this file got there, Adi says he took it there, but not with the wrong motive. Giriraj says you don’t think it’s a mistake. Adi wonders why I would do this. Alka asks Omi if you gave the file. Anurag stops him, and Omi says she will speak with her.

Alka asks why I’m doing this. Omi says you did it to ruin my name. Tell everyone I’m infertile. You didn’t do me any good. Omi pushes Alka away and goes. He cries. Alka cries. Omi cries in the room. He slits his wrists. Alka scolds Kavya. Santu tells everyone Omi is locked in his room. Everyone runs to see him. Adi and Anurag break open the door. They see Omi lying on the ground.

Adi secures a scarf around his wrist before rushing Omi to the hospital. Giriraj makes a menacing threat towards Kavya, who responds that she is innocent. Anurag calms Giriraj down, assuring him that he will handle the situation and keep it from going public. However, his phone rings, interrupting their conversation. He hands it to Giriraj, who informs Dadi that Omi has harmed himself. Dadi scolds him for his actions and blames Adi’s wife for everything. She advises Giriraj to control her and reminds him of the consequences if women are left unchecked. Malini breaks down upon hearing this and throws a file on the ground as she sobs uncontrollably. In this tense moment, Kavya enters and insists she had nothing to do with Omi’s injury. Alka reprimands her harshly for causing such chaos.

Dadi says I will pray for Omi. Giriraj says I remember everything. He calls Rajeev. He scolds him. He asks what happened. Giriraj says Kavya is ruining Alka’s house. Kavya says I didn’t do anything, Adi. He hugs him and says everything will get fine, and I will fix it. Adi holds Kavya’s hand. Anjali calls Malini and asks how she is doing and what happened to you.

Malini says I don’t know, I thought Kavya would unite the family, I didn’t expect this from her, you should have raised her well, she has no limits. I believe you should have raised her properly. Listen to me; she is your daughter, too, so forgive her. Malini asks if you would forgive her if this happened with your son. She ends the call. Kavya cries. The doctor says Omi is still in danger. Anurag consoles Malini. Adi leaves Kavya and leaves. Kavya sits crying, picking up the papers. Anurag comes and takes the file.

He gives her a teacup. He shouts at her. Adi goes home. He asks Santu to get his clothes. He says he will return to the hospital. He cries for Omi. Giriraj asks what this receipt is for. I’ll handle everything, Anurag says, don’t scold Omi, he’s already dead. If Kavya had seen this receipt, she’d have known Omi was Navya’s killer. Adi sees the Angel Pharma logo and wonders how Omi got it.


Malini tells Adi Omi’s pharma company is Angel. Adi says Omi and Dad killed Navya. Kavya comes home. Adi says I hate them.

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